Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No More Accidents

NEWS: Yesterday in Philadelphia, a man was out teaching his daughter how to drive. His daughter was only 15 and therefore, did not have a permit. That's wrong! Why he chose to do this on an actual street and not in a vacant lot somewhere, I don't know. The girl lost control of the vehicle and ran over a woman carrying her baby. The woman threw the baby to safety. Unfortunately, the woman wasn't so lucky. She was struck and killed.

This is a VERY tragic story. My prayers for out to all involved.

That being said, it was an accident. The death of the woman will haunt this man and, especially, his daughter for the rest of their lives. The man was charged with manslaughter and received 3 years probation. Other than this incident, he was a model citizen.

The relatives of the deceased are up in arms over the verdict and want this guy to go to jail for 5 years. Are there no accidents anymore??? Should he have had his daughter behind the wheel at 15? No! If a year goes by and she has a piece of paper, does this situation not happen? Not necessarily. I can sympathize with the family in their wanting revenge, but any consideration of putting this guy behind bars is ludicrious.

Society today is so busy trying to pin blame on someone for every action that accidents are a thing of the past. Be it spilled coffee at McDonald's or the burglar that injures himself while robbing a house, every injury is deserving of jail time and, of course, $$$$$!!

80's Band Forgotten #3 & #4

Lords Of The New Church & Sisters of Mercy

A Double Shot!! These bands have a similar feel to me. They are those bands that I probably considered to "Heavy" back in the 80s. I was leaning more towards OMD and Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears and Ultravox to be bothered with the "New Wave Heavy Metal".

Let me tell you. These guys are good. Granted, some of their stuff is still a little rough, in my opinion, but there is something about hearing the Sisters "This Corrosion" that just makes you resigned to pay the ticket when you get pulled over. I added "This Corrosion" to my CD mix. it now is part of my wife's CD mix . . . .and my daughter's CD mix. . . . .and the ever popular "Deathlok's THINGS I LEARNED FROM DAYGLO RADIO mix. The Lord's OPEN YOUR EYES and DANCE WITH ME are a point of debate in our house. The girls (see above) don't realize that DANCE WITH ME is a better song that OPEN YOUR EYES (and No! It's not debatable)

If you are in need of new music and some cathartic release, check out these two bands.


As I was looking over the 80s bands that I've been posting, I got to thinking about some of the albums in my collection. How many albums (can we still call CDs Albums?) do I have that I would rate as a SOLID album. By that, I mean, that every song is great. Maybe not a radio hit, but an album that you generally like EVERY song. Not because you like the artist, but that has quality song after quality song.

I attempted to think about this objectively, so I have some albums in mind that I don't own because I don't like the artist. This doesn't mean the album isn't SOLID. It means that I don't like the genre or the artist. . .. not my cup of tea, as it were. Example: Born To Run. . .Not a fan. . .objectively a solid album though.

To start, I will begin my choices with the first three CDs that I ever purchased. When I first got a CD player, I set a rule for myself that I wouldn't replace any vinyl. That last about a year and a half. When I purchased these CDs at the Tower Records on South Street in Philadephia, the guy actually asked me if they were presents because they were "obviously not for the same person."

Keep in mind, some of my favorite artist/bands won't make this list because there are a few songs on a particular album that are (to me) filler. I may add a few Compilations, but will try to keep them to a minimum.

1. Elvis Costello - Armed Forces
With the possible exception of Party Girl (which I like), is there a song on this album that doesn't rate. This is one of those albums that you take if you are stranded (LOST?) on a desert island. A friend of mine said that the didn't like Mood for Moderns . . . .that song is Awesome! This doesn't excude This Year's Model. But I had to replace this on CD because Goon Squad had a scratch in it. Elvis at his angry best. Highly rated by Rolling Stone, this album is still highly underrated.

2. Jean Michel Jarre - Equinoxe
New Age at it's finest. Songs are Equinoxe 1 through Equinoxe 8 (or thereabouts). so, not a lot originality for song names, but the criticism ends there. Instrumental Euphoria. This is one of those albums that just begs for a nice set of headphones. I know a lot of people don't care for New Age or Electronica, but Equinoxe delivers as background music, relaxation music or hmm hmmm, mood music.

3. Carole King - Tapestry

That's Right! Tapestry! The New Wave guy Like Carole King's Tapestry. Deal! This is GREAT album! There is not a bad song on here. From the Title song to Smack Water Jack, this album is a 70s staple.

Remember, I bought these three albums together. The Tapestry album was my sister's and it looked like someone spilled chocolate milk on it. . . .replaced. Elvis was chipped . . .replaced. To be honest, I have no idea where I heard Jarre. It must have been on in a music store at some point. Next thing I know, I own three Jarre albums. Aaaaah, when I was single and my money was mine.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Spider-Man - Not Scottish. . . . .

That's the report on the new Spider-Man Costume. Not only the costume, but the the whole story was Gar + Bage! Here is the new Spider-Man Armor designed by Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man)
What is THAT?!! Little Doctor Octopus arms?!? Are you kidding me? He can now glide (okay, we'll call it the poor man's flying.) Stop! with the Flying Spider-Man.
After 40+ years of using his "spider sense" to dodge strafing barrages of machine gun fire that would make Wyatt proud, he gets shot in the back . . .just to show that the armor is bulletproof.
I understand that the change is temporary, like the Spider-Clone, six armed Spider-man and Cosmic Spider-Man (I kid you not. . .Cosmic powered Spider-Man), but this is just plain abusive to anyone that has been following the character since the 60s.
If you don't have good ideas, let someone else write the book.
If Marvel is trying to outdue DCs Superman Blue and Superman Red, they are getting pretty damn close.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Flyer Takes Gold!

Congratulations to Peter Forsberg from the Philadelphia Flyers for winning the Gold Medal in the Olympic Games this weekend.

Personally, I was pulling for Antero Niitymaki to carry the Gold Medal, but hopefully the Silver will gather him enough confidence to help the Flyers take a serious run at the Stanley Cup this year.

The NHL starts up again tomorrow. It's about time.

Two Year's In Review!

Well I've done it! I've gone from being two and a half years behind schedule to finally being caught up with Battlestar Galactica. And I was not disappointed. The show is great!

That being said, I have this critique (read: Criticism) of the show. (Spoiler Alert!)

1. Don't have known stars on the show. Michelle Forbes, John Heard, the bald black guy from Predator, Dana Delanie. They all have one thing in common. They have the life expectancy of a "Red Shirt" in Start Trek.

2. There is no way that the military would call "Sharon" anything but "The Cylon". I guess you have to find someway to keep her in the show. Also, if the Doctor can tell the difference between the Cylon blood and human blood, why don't they just ask him to ditch Gius and start weeding out the Toaster bastards.

3. Did anyone who watches the show recognize the Doctor as Dutch from SOAP.

Overall, it has less plot mistakes than 24, so we'll overlook the minor stuff.

4. Why kill Billy? That's just picking on the little guy.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

80's Band Forgotten #2

Trees !! Not these trees! The band TREES! This band is so obscure that not only had I never heard of them before DGR, I can't find a picture of their album or them anywhere. . . .yet! They have one song that I know about. . . . .Delta Sleep. For all I know, it may be their only song. It's catchy and it has made the cut on a CD mix (Zippy = Proud Owner) of Deathlok's "Things I Learned From Dayglo Radio". Unlike the catchy "Soft Core" by Maurice and the Cliches, Delta Sleep has that catchy 80s New Wave/Power Pop that can go on a CD mix and not make you think "This song needs a rest." Not that I don't like Soft Core (another "What Song By Who, Now???" tune), but I listened to it enough that having it in the car would lead to me getting tired of it!

80s Band Forgotten #1

What to Blog about?!

After listening to the now defunct DaygloRadio, the best thing to ever happen to internet radio(tear wells up), Radiohidebound excluded, I have become acquainted with a lot of 80s bands that I never heard of (or heard very little about). I have procured more 80s music of late than I have modern day music. Viva La 80s!!!

So, with a nod of thanks to both DGR and radiohidebound, I will periodically write a review of "new" 80s bands that should be given a listen.

First up! China Crisis!

Now, Zippychik and I disagree on which is their best song. Although I have become very fond of Zippy's "Arizona Sky", I still hold that "King In A Catholic Style" is their best song. I've since looked into other songs of theirs and "Black Man Ray" has become an addition to my CD Mixes for my car.

So, 80s fans! Our first contestant is China Crisis! Look into this band and realize that, truly, the 80s rule.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Get It Where You Can?

Finally!! After being turned on to Battlestar Galactica two seasons late (Thanks Wyatt - SYLG), I finally have all the episodes I need to get up to date.

Thanks to Netflicks, illegal downloads (why is downloading a show that available for free on television illegal??) and VCRing (a word? It is now!) last week's episode, I can clear my schedule to be up to speed by next weekend.

The Netflix discs are nice and I can watch them on the 52" LG Big screen. The downloads are good because, although I have to watch them on the computer, I can burn an episode to a disc and watch it at work during lunch.

Now if I can get the VCR to come through again tomorrow night, I'll be golden.

The morale of the show is that if you had a hot looking girl (see picture) that had many copies and their memories downloaded to another copy upon their death, you could kill her and when you saw her again she would remember how to stay in line. "Do I have to kill you again, honey?"

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Awesome Acquisition!

To quote Bugs Bunny when he stole the Panama Canal "Locks", "I Got Em!! I Got Em!!"

That's right! I finally was able to acquire two tickets to see the Pogues at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City . . . . .NJ. . . .did I need to say NJ?

They sold out before they went on sale. My brother-in-Law was supposed to hook me up with tickets, but he dropped the ball. . . . . .AGAIN! On a positive note, he is batting 1,000 for dropping the ball. Turns out his "Friend" that works there (and steals tickets) wanted $200 per ticket (face value $50). I was will to pay up to "Tell him to shove them up his Bullocks!"

Anyway, I contacted someone through Ebay and called him and bought the tickets. BONUS: The tickets are for actual seats. Not General Admission. Never big for crowds and less so now that I am aged. Besides, I'm assuming if I feel the love, I can join the people in the General Admission Mosh Pit. Not only that, but I got the added price protection of using my credit card so that if there is a problem with the tickets, I can sic the credit card company on them seller. And they were a bargain at $165 a pair. Aaaahhh, negotiating for a living has it's priviledges.

A review to follow sometime after the March 11th show. Probably not the next day as I will be helping with my wife's Irish Dance Troop at the Philadelphia Saint Patrick's Day Parade. We'll be the two falling asleep in step.

The concert date is, of course, subject to Shane McGowen surviving until the show. A review of the Pogues in Entertainment Weekly this passed week said that it was always thought to be unlikely for the Pogues to reunite. More unlikely was Shane living to see the year 2000.

Put the Kettle On (Irish term for "Pour Me A Guinness") and set up the Jameson, boys and girls. . . . .The Pogues are coming!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's Out Today! Marvel takes a crack at an animated movie of their #1 Superhero team. This could be a total awesome way to spend $12 or a cheap coattail ride by Marvel trying to cash in on DC's success with Justice League Unlimited (hands down one of the best cartoons in recent times).

Personally, I'm looking forward to picking this up. It looks good from the trailer (see ww.marvel.com). I doubt it will compare to the JL cartoon.

I'll let you know. . . . . .

Monday, February 20, 2006

Olympic Gold . . . .Aztec Gold

In Men's Hockey at the Turin Winter Olympics as new team is being sent over to join the competition.

With the horrific play of both Team USA and Team Canada, it has been determined that the best hope for a Gold Medal in the Men's Ice Hockey is Team Mexico.

Viva La Mexico!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Where's The Umlaut??

I spent the weekend watching the Olympic Men's Ice Hockey! As I'm watching, I notice people like Selanne have an umlaut in their name. Why are there no umlauts in the NHL??

Hey! I'm in a picky mood!

Bring Back the Punctuation!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Former Flyer Resurfaces!

I'm watching the Philadelphia Phantoms game tonight and who is playing for the Chicago Wolves? Former Flyer Billy Tibbetts. Ha Ha! I say formaer Flyer because for a short time the Flyers were sattled with this thug due to some favor Clarkie owed the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Billy Tibbetts was best known for his rape conviction in Pittsburgh so he had to get out of Dodge. What is this guy doing still playing hockey.

Two things make this worse.
1. During the game, I continually heard this guys name. He must be on the first line.
2. While looking for a picture that wasn't front and side view, I came across http://www.billytibbetts.com/


Defending The Realm

As much as I agree with Dr PhT, I feel I have to defend (a little bit) the D&D mythos.
  • DrPhTsD&DBash

  • As explained in my comments of DPTs post, my wife and I have been playing D&D every otehr Friday for about 2 1/2 years. There is really only ONE rule for this game.

    Rule 1 - IT'S A GAME!!

    That's it! It's more advanced, more entertaining game than Scene It, Pictionary or Boggle.

    The problem comes in (Oh, and they do come in) when people take the game to seriously. I would guarantee that if the people reading this post were to get together and "roll a character" and play by the the end of the night, they would say "That was fun!" (Just add alcohol).

    For Wyatt and the like, you could change the game . . .just a little . . . .and you would have this:


    You roll your character (choose from. . .Swat Team, Bomb Squad, Sniper, etc) instead of armour you now buy (Kevlar vest +1). Equip with scope or Glock. Of course you want to have your "knight" stick (with electric damage optional). Objective of the game.

    A call comes in: There is a disturbance at the Move house. Shots fired. Your team is called in. On the way to the call there is a robbery in progress. You have decide whether to take the call, stop and handle the robbery or split the team. Sounds more fun already doesn't it??

    I was actually thinking of a hockey game where each character has differenct attributes. choose from Slap Shot, Wrist Shot, Checking Power, back hand, Stamina, injury reduction. . . ..

    If you keep the game in perspective, I have to say, it's one of the better games to play.

    However, there have been people that roll in to the game that are eerily like the guy in DPhT's video. They have somewhere along the road lost the map to reality. It is then that the game gets creepy.

    The game gets a bad rap. The players, moreso, are deserving of the label put upon them.


    As I was lying around the passed few days, I've decided that my wife is correct. I will watch anything.

    I started off by watching THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX. It wasn't bad. It wasn't interesting enough to be bad. It was as flavorless as the food that I've been eating. The one draw is to see Hugh Laurie speaking in his real (British) accent. Once Netflix sent my Battlestar Galactica disc, things improved.

    However, there are certain movies that you have to make sure that you don't accidentally turn on as your surfin' through the detritus. Movies like The Poseidon Adventure and Miracle and even The Cutting Edge and in this category. Last night it was SHINE. This morning it was. . . . .Okay, it was SHINE again. That's when she drew the line. In my defense, I was trying to break away from watching Curling. What is that?? I was looking for Men's hockey. . ..which isn't on until tomorrow and the next thing I know, I've spent a half an hour watch Women's Curling. These girls must be killer in the bar at the Quates (sic) table.

    Meanwhile, I haven't touched the piano since my lesson on Monday. Sad really!

    For all you B4B Bloggers out there, al least we know why Kim hasn't shown up in 24 yet! She's over in Italy Curling for the Russians. Wasn't that the terrorists original objective? Coincidence?

    Sickness Passes!

    I'm finally out of bed! It's pretty sad when you're sick in bed and thinking "I should get up and update my blog!" This is all madness I tell you.

    And NO! That's not me. It's just a picture I grabbed off of the interet!

    Hope everyone is well!

    Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    My Dander's Up!

    Sunday Night, I went to my brother's house for dinner. They have a dog . . .and a cat. Unfortunately, the dog hasn't been trained to eat the cat. My wife and I are very allergic to cats. Surprisingly, some cats effect us more than others.

    It's now Tuesday and I still feel like crap. I have what I termed a "cat hangover". I feel like I coming down with something, but it started with the cat and I can't shake it. My wife feels equally off. So, now to combat this, I must divorce myself from this plane of existence and take a Benadryl or something that makes you feel like. . . . . .. did you ever see ALTERED STATES?. . . .. like that!

    Last year, I had to go on travel for work. On my way to San Diego. . .a fairly lengthy flight from Philadelphia International, the guy across the aisle has a cat under his seat. By the end of the flight, my sinuses were shot. Who decided that having an animal with the passagers was a good idea. If I brought my 95lb Dalmation on the plane, they would probably have a problem with that.

    As much as I appreciate the No Smoking laws, personally I believe my health is more adversely effected by a cat. Fortunately, most bars seem to have a no cat policy.

    Until Clinque develops a cat (do I need to explain that?), keep them home and don't be upset if people can't come to your house. . . . .Hmmmm, maybe that's it! Maybe there using the cat like Wolfsbane.

    Monday, February 13, 2006

    Movie Review

    The Oscars are swiftly approaching. Amongst the fervor of Cold Back Mountain (Broke Back Mountain. . . .but with Nicole Kidman in it), MUNICH (everytime I see this title, I feel the need to watch MIRACLE again), Cinderella Man and the other hopefuls, there will be one movie that goes unnoticed.

    The funniest movie of the year (and quite frankly the funniest movie that I can recall ever seeing) should get SOME recognition. I speak of none other than THE ARISTOCRATS.
    For anyone that says "Aaahhh, nothing offends me!" I defy you to not be offended at something in this movie. Having said that, it was hysterical. Countless comedian talking about and performing this joke had tears literally streaming down my face. In my opinion, the movie should win the Oscar for Best Editing. To see these comedians was funny. However, the way it was spliced together made the movie.

    Prepare yourself to be offended. Gear yourself up so that you won't be disgusted and horrified. Watch yourself fail in the attempt. . . .. and then laugh. The DVD is now out and playing on a loop whenever the kids aren't home. The additional stuff is longer than the movie and just as funny.

    For anyone who has never heard of this movie, I'll try and paint a Monet-esque picture. It's a documentary about a joke that is told amongst other comedians. The average Joe has never heard this joke. It's like a comedians inner sanctum ritual. It the most foul and taboo riddled joke that you will ever hear. The objective for the comedians is to outdo each other and try to out offend each other.

    Ever see FULL HOUSE! Bob Sagat will change the way you look at that show forever. Best Actor - Bob Sagat. Best Supporting Actor - Gilbert Godfrey Best Actress - Sarah Silverman. . . . .

    A GREAT MOVIE! PREPARE. . . . . .and BEWARE!

    "Non-Post"er Child

    I haven't quite got this whole blog thing down. I know that if I am going to do this, I should keep up with it! I find it easier to post, reactively, on other people's blogs.

    Improvement is my new mantra. . . . . .replacing "Cleem!"

    Anyway, this weekend was one of Reilly's birthday party and snow shovelling. The Phila/South Jersey area got belted this weekend. As usual, the rank and file are griping about the snow. "HEY!" It's the middle of February and we had A SNOW STORM! Before you know it, I'll be blogging about how much taking the cover off the pool bites. Winter's got another month. Old Man Winter, "Bring it! don't Sing it!"

    As for Reilly's bowling party. It went off without a hitch. I even held off playing the arcade games until after the guests left. Temptation, I call thee arcarde shooting games. The last two times I did that I outscored the people that actually own guns. It may be time to challenge SYLG to a showdown.

    It's time to hit ebay and see how much that game is selling for.

    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    Comics: Ultimate vs. Traditional Storyline

    The topic of discussion (and by discussion I mean "my personal rant") is Marvels Ultimate Line vs their traditional line of comics.

    I've come up with a quote that I think sums up the Ultimate Universe. "The Ultimate Universe is a bad idea done extremely well." The idea of the Ultimate Universe is horrible. It undermines everything that the long time collect (Moi!) and tosses continuity in the garbage. "It's good for the new kids just starting out today." No little kids are collecting comics today. I would estimate that there are very few kids under the age of 12 reading comics today.

    How can you expect anyone to have a grasp of or a love for a character when every character has two and three versions. Nick Fury = Black Guy or White Guy. Colossus = In love with Kitty Pryde or Northstar. I doesn't make any sense.

    On the other hand the stories are GREAT! the art varies, but is generally very good. The Ultimate Spider-Man is one of the best books on the market and the best Spider-Man book hands down.

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Although new to the Blog scene, I would be remiss to neglect to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son Reilly, now 6. . . .and now a purple belt.

    It took a couple of tries to break the boards with the punch and the kick, but the head broke it the first time.

    Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    Wednesday is Comic Book Day. Every Wednesday, I will try and post something about the the books procured on Comic Book Day. This, of course, means that new comics come out every Wednesday.

    Today we picked up:
    The Sensational Spider-Man - New Writer/Artist team, so we'll see if they can salvage the downward spiral that has become the Spider-Man franchise. How can a guy write a GREAT book like SUPREME POWER and trash Spider-Man at the same time.

    Ultimate X-Men - One of the two good X-Men books of late (Astonishing X-Men being the other).

    Punisher-Bloody Valentine One Shot - Art by Paul Gulacy. If there is Paul Gulacy, there is a sale. Hope the story holds up.

    Son of M - A decent Limited Series about Quicksilver. Nothing to rave about, but solid work. . . .and limited.

    4 - The Fantastic Four at their mediocre-est. This may fall under the "I gotta trim back" category.

    Nightwing - Another possible trim book. They are going in a weird direction with this book and rumor has it that they are changing the identity of Nightwing. Nightwing is the original Robin (of Batman Fame) for those who are not "in the know".

    Legends of the Dark Knight - #200!! An excuse to soak me for another buck. Bart Sears artwork makes the extra dollar worth it.

    Blog? This is my first Blog. I have no idea what I'm doing and hope to improve over time.