Monday, January 29, 2007

Barbaro - Now In Greener Pastures

Sad news today as Barbaro was killed (euthanized my ass) due to the continual problems with his broken leg. Personally, I thought they would have gone the research and development route and tried to develop a prosthetic leg for him. What do you have to loose (“I’ve thought about it and I’ve decided, It’s medical experiments for the lot of you.”).

In a related story, Philadelphia Flyer, Peter Forsberg, called a meeting today with the team owners after hearing the above news to ensure that the same fate is not planned for him.

"They Do What When Your Leg Goes Bad In This Country???"

Bauer - The Original Killface

Someone sent this to me. Of interest to all you Bauer hounds. Enjoy!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Public Service Announcement!

This in no was is directed at Wyatt. . . . .

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Blogless In The Pinelands

Wow! Am I a bad Blogger or what? It's been ten days since I have even peeked in.

Why? You Ask!!

Well, as you may know, I have spent the last several months trying to sell my Mother-In-Law's house. It has been a nightmare. Finally last Tuesday, we made settlement. Her shorehouse (now her only house) needs some insulation before it becomes a year round place, so guess who gets to house the homeless. No Problem! After All, she does watch the kids.

Well, that lasted all of three days. As we had to go and try out for VH1's Pop Culture Trivia contest on Friday, we asked her to watch the kids overnight. She was pissed because she didn't like what we were doing. When we got back it turned ugly and between the "I still expect to get paid while I live here." and "I hope you don't think that I'm going to be a slave to your kids" speeches, it became clear that she has done a lot for us over the years (which is true) and we do nothing for her. So let's recap.

2003 - Lend money to buy her first new car (Kia Rio . . .don't get in a accident) and had to cosign for her.

2006 - I buried her husband BY MY SELF! She did nothing. Her son has one positive thing going for him. He's carrying around a bunch of useful organs that should be donated to someone useful.

Found a realitor, fixed the house up, fought her the whole way why trying to get her to sell the house that is three doors from a meth lab, and moved EVERYTHING out by myself (see above for useless bag of organs). Oh and went to settlement and stored her whole house in my garage.

Aren't I a complete dick.

Anyway, She says that she's done watching the kids but will give us one more week. I take immediate action and rearrange my entire work schedule to get my son on the bus and coordinate the swimming, karate, piano lessons and Irish dance for the week. . . . because . . and I quote "I need you or I don't need you. I don't need you for a week." In response, she disappeared to God knows where (assumedly to the uninsulated shore house despite my warnings that the pipes will freeze in the -10 wind chill expected tomorrow. We haven't seen or heard from her since.

I know! I know!! It's no excuse not to blog. I'm sorry!!

It's amazing that my Father-In-Law lasted as long as he did.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Website Alert!!

Today I used a new website for the second time. Both times was a great experience. I thought that I would pass it on. is that site. Check it out.

As most of you know, I am helping my Mother-In-Law sell her house. It has been an arduous task. However, when FHA came in and said that we need to paint the rafters in the basement, I reach the point where I couldn't do something myself. With two reconstructed shoulders, I can't work over head for an extended period of time. I found this site. You type in the job you want and your area code. They send you three people to give you quotes. The site has a place where you can leave feedback (ala Ebay) once the job is done. It went really well.

Last night my sink exploded and since I know nothing about plumbing other than that if you do the job yourself, it will cost at least double once you screw it up. Sink = Fixed! A great service. Check it out.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Going Down. . . . .

Last Night I watched THE LADY IN THE WATER by that M. Night guy. . . .never to be confused with M Murray Abraham. I was a big fan of this guy. I now believe him to be a hack.

His movies have gone steadily downhill.

The Sixth Sense was a great movie and although I liked it more, Unbreakable was less well received. (Unbreakable is a great movie.)

Signs wasn't a bad movie to watch and watching how all the elements folded into the denouement, made the film worthwhile. Signs, however, like The Village, was a good movie (I know most people didn't like the Village, I did!) to see once. Certainly no Amy Adams, Bryce Dallas Howard made The Village worth the price of admission.

Not true in The Lady in the Water. Bryce is in it. Paul Giamatti is in it. The movie was just bland and uninteresting. Worse yet, at a PG-13 rating Bryce wearing just a man's dress shirt never left you thinking, "Hey! maybe we'll see something. You actually get to see more of Paul Giamatti. . . . .and that's not a good thing.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who's The Master?

Rate you Masterbatory Lyrics:

Green Day - D
"Bite my lip and close my eyes
Take me away to paradise
I'm so damn bored I'm going blind
And I smell like sh!t

Vapors - C-
"I'm turning Japanese I really think so"

Elvis Costello - A+
"Now that your picture's in the paper being rhythmically admired"


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What Else I'm Waiting For. . .

Mid March - The new Graham Parker album.

Tonight - The return of HOUSE.

Sunday - The LONG awaited return of 24 and ROME, followed by next Sunday's Battlestar Gallactica.

Trifecta - Feb - Ghost Rider - May - FF2 and this Summer's Spider-Man 3.

Until The Live Action . . . .

January 23rd. The release date to:

It's looks much better than the Avengers cartoons.

Can't Wait!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

3 -1 - The Concert Scene

The more I thought about this, the harder it became to do the list. I have seen a lot of concerts and the more I reflected the more I thought to add to the list. So although there are some that I would love to add to the list, overall they didn’t make it for one reason or another.

3. Dave Edmunds – Dave Edmunds did a Ringo and His All Star band concert years ago. I bought a ticket for the Badger (because I tried to teach him good music from bad . . . .who do you think introduced these guys to the Furs, damn youngens!) Anyway, The Dave concert consisted of Dave Edmunds, Graham Parker (Hey! Here he is again), Kim Wilson (from the Fabulous Thunderbirds) and Dion. They each played a set and then they all came out and jammed. Edmunds had a 5 piece brass section with him which I not aware of seeing at a rock concert before. Graham came out with Edmunds and I was introduced to Graham playing Crawling From the Wreckage, A Dave Edmunds tune that Graham Parker wrote. Dion played some of his old hits and tracks from his YO FRANKIE CD, which I highly recommend. The common theme in these picks seems to be that like the others, these guys seemed to be having a great time doing this. Come on back Dave, and bring Nick Lowe with you this time.

2. Elvis Costello – My sister ruined the concert scene for me. She got in so much trouble that I was not allowed to go to concerts. Back in the day, Elvis had said that he would never play in the U.S. again (because someone tried to assassinate him). . .WHINE WHINE WHINE!. . . .”I don’t want to be shot at!” Big Baby! So, when he came to the Tower Theatre, with Squeeze opening no less, my Mother agreed to let me go. And thus the flow of concert money began. Despite that, this concert did not make the list. However, Elvis Costello’s Singing Song Book tour did. As mentioned in a previous post, Elvis played three nights. He played a new album night, a classic hits night and a singing songbook night. I got three tickets and Grimjack (loaded down with tape recorder and microphones, some girl, my exgirlfriend Nancy maybe, (the fact that I’m more aware that Grimjack was there than her could explain that) and myself. The concert consisted of Elvis in two roles, the MC and the singer. He had this odd hat and a pineapple on a stick and walked around the audience and picked people to spin the songbook. This was a big difference from the “Angry Man” Elvis personae that everyone knew, so it was startling. The songbook was a gigantic wheel on stage that had Elvis songs on it plus songs like, Pretty In Pink (which didn’t come up!) American Girl and Pop Life (which did). He had girls come out of the audience and go into a Go Go cage and dance. The songs were excellent and the atmosphere was second to none. . . . .Well second to one. . . . .

1. Pink Floyd – Anybody that knows me knows that I am an 80s New Wave, Post Modern guy. I consider my life improved by discovering the former Dayglo radio and Radiohidebound (go and listen to it. . .they just added new songs). I do however try to keep well rounded. My 301 disc CD player, set on random will throw out a combination of Elvis Costello, John-Michele Jarre, ABBA and Mozart. . . . and the Partridge Family. The danger is having the ABBA CD right next to the ACDC.
So, I’ve seen my share of different music. I’ve been dragged to Janet Jackson. I had front row seats for Basia. . . .That’s right BASIA! I’ve been dragged to shows by “some guy named Joe Satriani” that turned out to have almost made this list. . .. thanks Grim.
To the point . . . . THE BEST CONCERT THAT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO WAS PINK FLOYD. It was loud it was rockin’! There was so much going on you couldn’t keep track of everything. Between the guy flying through the air on a gurney, the giant pig floating overhead, the stoned people throwing fireworks in the stands, smoke, lights . . . .and I think there was a band playing too. The only thing that could have beat that is that is that my sister (remember her from earlier) had an extra ticket to THE WALL in NY but I wouldn't cut school to go! (Insert a picture of a Burrow here). One of my big regrets!
Every now and then the “Pink Floyd Reunion” rumor floats around. If that happens I am going and I’m getting a ticket for my daughter so she know what a GREAT concert is.

Honorable Mention
Pogues – Last years Pogues concert was great and although I though of putting it in the list, the others were much more showy and entertaining. It was a great show though and a once in a lifetime show. Other shows that can never be repeated. . . .Spinal Tap, Big Country, INXS, Micheal Hedges (Grim, remember that Hedges, Ackerman and Shadowfax concert . . .people brought wine and cheese), Queen and the Ramones.

The Grateful Dead – The first of two Dead shows that I was taken to was a spectacle like I’ve never seen. This show was seriously bumping up on the top 5 list and if I liked the Dead’s music a little more it would have made it.

Adrian Belew – Adrain had a concert where he had a question and answer session and played music. It was a quaint little layed back show that I found enjoyable.

The Rock and Soul Review Tour – Another All Star show consisting of Michael McDonald, Donald Fagan, Walter Becker, Phoebe Snow, and Boz Skaggs, which featured a combined jam at the end.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Top 5 Concerts

Okay, so the Furs concert was great!

This just in. . . .

The Police are planning a 2007 Reunion tour. Gnome, get your transpass ready, there will be a Philadelphia show and it will be attended.

Which got me thinking . . . .What are my five favorite concerts. Back in the day, I went to a lot of concerts. I went to concert that I loved, I went to concerts that Grimjack made me go to and concerts that girls that I was dating made me go to. Sure I love Graham Parker. Any Graham concert is a great concert. But were they all good SHOWS! Combining music with showmanship and general concert atmosphere, here are my top five concerts.

5. Crowded House – These guys put on a great show. They are laughing and getting the audience involved. Everyone and I mean everyone is having a good time. Standing in the audience with the drummer playing on the strings of the guitar, was inspired. They sang I GOT YOU and then had the audience sing it until everyone was tired of hearing it and said, “Now you know how we feel about it!”
5. Tie with that only because it was a great mellow time with one the all time best is the Miles Davis concert. Points for having just being able to say that I went to a Miles show. It was in a whole different class of concert, but WOW!! He blew everyone away. Unfortunately, putting Miles with Crowded House is kind of demeaning for Miles. Sorry Miles.

4. Smithereens and Friends – Well, you knew there was going to be Graham in the list right? My Birthday, October 29, 2005. My wife surprised me with tickets to see the Smithereens and Others in New York City. The bands were the Smithereens, Southern Culture on the Skids, Sandra Bernhart(??), Glenn Tilbrook, Graham Parker and Marshall Crenshaw. Before the show started, we were on the balcony having a drink. We were standing next to this BIG guy. After a while, I realized if this guy lost 150lbs, he would look like Pat DiNizio (Is that spelled right?), the lead singer for the Smithereens. We started talking to him. He talked with me briefly and extensively with my wife (Damn, Redheads!). He thanked us for coming out. A real nice guy. I have to say that Graham kinda phone it in that night. He was the only one that didn’t hang around after his set. I met and got autographs from all the members of SCOTS, they rock live. They sang a song called 8 piece box and were throwing KFC chicken into the audience. Crenshaw was good but he seemed depressed (like “Thanks for coming out! I plan on killing myself after the show” depressed). Sandra Bernhart! Hmmm. . . . I have to say, she wasn’t bad. She killed a songs (Stones covers or something), but she sang a few blues tunes that really fit here voice. I was impressed. The Smithereens were Great! Pat may be fat, but he was really kickin’ it! They sounded awesome. They would have been the highlight of the show, but. . . . . Glenn Tilbrook and the Fluffers. . . .That’s right! The Fluffers. When he started he was in the audience with a melodica (is that what that Hooters thing is called?) and started singing until the audience all caught on that he was actually playing, then he went and joined the band. He played a few Fluffers tunes (eh.) and loaded up the Squeeze! GREAT GREAT show!

Top 3 Later. . . . .

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!! May 2007 bring prosperity and joy to everyone. . . .
" . . .and I mean that!"