Friday, March 23, 2007


To quote SIN CITY: .”. . . .And things were going so well!!”

We got the sad news this morning. Kirk is officially diabetic. Just shy of his 11th birthday and he suddenly developed an insatiable thirst. This of course, leads to a lot of . . . . output. I took him to the vet on Monday and they did some blood work. Then they asked us to bring him back in today for a pee test. He failed! You would think with all the cramming that he’s been doing, the last thing that he would fail would be a pee test.

So, I’ve been hunting for medication today and almost $80 later, we are set. He begins his treatment tomorrow. Thankfully, Mrs Deathlok is an RN. Needles fall under her jurisdiction.

They say that once he is regulated, that he will be back to normal. I sure hope so.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Yesterday was Great!! It was actually a triple header.

I took the day off from work. In the morning, Mrs. Deathlok and I were invited to a special breakfast at my daughter’s school. She received a “SPOTLIGHT ON . .” award at school. The award is a monthly award given to one student from each year. From the entire Freshman class, she was picked for the award for Dedication to the School, Good Grades (Honor Roll) and a cheery disposition towards the teacher and her fellow students. Sure, in my day they had an award for that, too. It was called the “Get your Ass Kicked After School” award. Not only that, but the breakfast was good too. . . . .and free! Needless to say, I was very, very proud.

In the afternoon, we cashed in on our Christmas present, a matinee of SPAMALOT. I was looking forward to the play, fully expecting a play version of the Holy Grail movie. I was kinda the Holy Grail, but it added a lot of new stuff and sprinkled a lot of little Flying Circus seasoning with a dash of Life of Brian. Anyone who is a Python fan should get out and see this. Oddly enough, the audience was 75% elderly. . . .say 70+. I found that extremely odd for a play based on a show that they (a) never watched or heard of or (b) yelled at their kids for watching.

In the evening, after driving home to feed the kids and get them situated, we wisked back to Philadelphia to see the Hoodoo Gurus. I couldn’t resist. The only other time that I remember the Gurus being in the Philadelphia area was in the late 80s. I was dating a girl who happened to plan some bullshit limo ride to pick her sister up at the airport (eh….what?) the same night the Gurus were at the former club the Chestnut Cabaret. Opening that night were the Connells. Two bands that I really like (one that I love) in one venue. Yeah, I’m drinking in a limo! If I find the rewind. . . . . . .
Anyway, the University of Pennsylvania’s radio station WXPN has a great little venue called the World Café. You can find reference to it in Deathlok (and the Wyatt) blogs under Richard Butler. The show was INCREDIBLE!! Despite the lashing that I will take, I will stick my neck out and say that it was better than the Psychedelic Furs concert. CAVEAT: I’ve never seen the Gurus and have seen the Furs 6 or 7 times. The Hoodoo’s played a best of set and covered all the hits. Well, I should say all hits. It’s not all the hits because they could have played a few more hours and still not got to them all.

In my old age, I was thinking, how great is it that they came out; rocked for about 2 hours and I was still home shortly after 11:00 and in bed. I feel like I need Geratol. You can find many selection of the Hoodoo Gurus at RadioHidebound.

Taking It On The Chin!

You would think that once you have 6 Titanium plates in your face, you would be indestructible. . . . .Like Doctor Doom!!

Stats - Yeah!! I Did It!

I did it! I figured out how to post the stats on the blog. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Sure, it's a nice feeling to know that people want to stop in and read your blog. But, it is far better to force people to come to the site. If I can force the FHL General Managers to go to the blog for their stats, I can jack my viewership exponentially. In fact, this gives me an idea. If the member of Team Sean will give me a list of invitees to his wedding, I can post it on the Blog and everyone will have to to the blog to see if they are invited. AND THEY CAN COMMENT/RSVP. I'll catch Wyatt's site meter total in no time.

Anyway, above are the stats as of 3/21/07. For those just viewing the sacred tome that is the FHL spreadsheet, a moment of explanation.

The FHL is a fantasy hockey league. Bloggers such as Wyatt, Grimjack and Badger are among the team owners. There is also Vinnie (see Modo) and Deathlok (self) (see Pinchy), Wyatt's Brother-In-Law (Fish). Lock, Rob, OtherKev, Team Sean and Ant (the token Canadian for the league). The logos are supplied by the Commish (also me).

Logo Report
Pinchy - Pinchy is almost always Pinchy. The Pinchy logo leaves when he can't bare to be associated with the team anymore.

Badger - Badger Sleep Balm goes to the 6th position. Although Badger's team has perked up a little lately and could soon be due for a better "Badgery" logo.

OtherKev - 4th place is respectable, but Mr Butts has a Health and Safety warning for slipping any lower considering the once lofty 1st place position.

Ant - Ant picked up my dog, You all know Kirk, as his back up goalie. I believe it's because he wanted a matching pair of dog goalies. However, being in 6th, Kirk left and was replaced by Boba, his own dog.

Lock - Normally, the 1st place guy gets the pick of his logo. However, do to lack of interest this year, I have changed his logo to Neuticals. Don't know what they are?? Google it!

Modo - Modo should always have a yakking logo, but after last years "I lost because I touched the money" debacle, this logo is almost too good for him. Keep in mind an additional $5 (sidebet) will be charged to Modo if doesn't rank at least 7th.

Fish - A strong fish for strong play. If you expand the logo you will notice that it says "Got Milt". Now that is strong!! Milt?? Google it!

Rob - Rob has already take a second job to pay the $60 for last place. However, he may be $5 to the good if he can jump that 8 point gap and catch Wyatt.

Team Sean - It's two. . .two . . .two Sean's in one. However, with a steady 7th place, the best they can hope for logowise is that they have graduated from Sean Young to Shaun from Wallace and Gromit.

Wyatt - What is That?? Sharpshooter? Try a potato shooter. To quote Killface, "You don't have to shoot ALL the potatoes. 10th?? I guess he'll blame this on being sick too.

Grimjack - As a new Grandfather. . . heh. . . .Grim was bouncing around in the middle for a while. Now at a comfy 9th, the sad and confused old Granpa starts calling in scouting reports for next year.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Save The Tunes

And Now, A Public Service Announcement.

Please go to and sign the petition.

I got this message from Zippychik the other day and felt that it should be posted (even though it's posted on Zippy's site too):

On March 2, 2007, The Copyright Royalty Board approved
royalty rates that will bury any small webcaster, and
create a heavy burden even for big broadcasters like
Yahoo, AOL Music and Pandora. How high will these
rates be? Around 100% of a small webcasters revenue,
give or take a few points, in most cases.

How did this happen? The RIAA told the CRB thats what
they wanted, and the CRB just gave it to them.

We need to keep these independent voices on the

The RadioGnome at (see link on the right) is one of these people. My day depends on the internet radio people. I listen to Hidebound at work and at home. I have been turned on (he does turn me on) to many new groups (most of which aren't even new) through this medium and losing this would just be another reason to strap on the vest of explosives.

Please support this cause.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Parade!

HAPPY Saint Patrick's Day!!
Last week we celebrated the day at the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Philadelphia. The whole family was on tap for the event. My Son Reilly was Ol' St. Patrick himself. Nothing is more authentic to the St. Pat costume than the Darth Vader sunglasses.

Sure, dancing is in the parade. But nothing makes a parade like the banner carrying. Deathlok himself was drafted as was my daughter's friend, Jess. Erin, was also there but is in front of St. Pat and obscured from the picture.

And finally, THE DANCERS. The Parade strictly forbids the poles, but the girls did a nice job anyway. there are some guys in the troop, but the pole comment loses something with that.

So I hope everyone has a Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Car Bomb's All Around.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Shark Jumping?

This television season has been pretty disappointing. Sure, I’m still enjoying the shows that I watch but, the infamous “jumping the shark” looms or at least you can see Fonzie waxing up the skis.

1. 24 – 24 is a great show. The one thing that I like about it is that when you see something that doesn’t quite jive, by the time you can complain they are on to something else. This season, however, things are piling up on the “Get The. . . . .!?!” list.
Jack – Jack just isn’t Jack anymore. Jack is the guy who last season, shot Robocop’s wife in the leg to show that he wasn’t messin’. Now, Jack is all weepy eyed over his Father? Please! Jack would be looking down at the half eaten remains on his Father in a trough sayin’ “That’ll Do Pig!”
President Palmer II – Electric Boogaloo – This guy stinks as the President. He bends more than Gumby on August Day. AND WHERE IS MIKE?? This guy practically ran the country and Wayne isn’t going to hire this guy? Sure!! Okay, I’ll buy that Aaron quit to shack up with Mrs. President, but Mike should be there, not beating the crap outta Marv in SIN CITY.
Screw The Embassy – Jack breaks into the Chinese Embassy and causes a big problem. Fine. Now he is doing the same to the Russian Embassy. REALLY?? Every country in the United Nations would be screaming for this guy. How are they to know that their Embassy isn’t next. Dumb.
Morris – Puss! This guy is so obnoxious (but in a good way) that he would be REALLY focused on finding these guys. He should be calling in favors from all those people that he knows. A broken and shattered Morris is dumb and out of character.

They better do something really swell next season.

2. Battlestar Gallactica – This show is still really good, but it seems to be lagging. I get the impression that they are stretching out storylines because the have run out of new ones. Hint: If you are killing off characters, you have to bring new ones in and develop them.

3. LOST – This show seems to be trying to get its legs again. The hiatus really hurt it and the OTHERS mini series has gone way off the mark of the base show.

4. ROME on the other hand is really good. I keep waiting for the show to be over because everyone of the cast is dead, but it continues and remains interesting. Unfortunately, there are only two more episodes before the Sopranos (which I quit watching after the second episode with Tony in a coma).

5. The Shield - The Shield will be starting up again soon and that hasn’t let me down yet. April, I believe.

6. HOUSE – It would take a lot to make me turn on HOUSE. I aspire to be HOUSE. This show is consistently good, but I can smell the ski wax. Stay the course boys.

Tonight, after 24, tune to FX for the new show (Riches?) starring Eddie Izzard. I hope this is a good show. I do like Eddie Izzard.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hot Pocket!!

This guy is hysterical!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

People That I Hate!

Sure, this is a rip-off of Wyatt’s column. My “People That I Hate” usually encompasses just about everyone, but I got a few stand outs.

1. Gloucester Township Electrical Inspector – Last week, I got a letter in the mail saying that I never received final inspection for the extension on our house. OF COURSE, I DID! Why I even left them posted. Of course, when the final inspection stickers are on you back door for two years they turn into blank white stickers. Sure, come on out.!! The construction guy comes out. Done! The Electrical Inspection for the Township is notorious for being a complete jerkoff. He beat me up for a year while I tried to get my basement finished.

Anyway, this guy shows up and everything is looking good (because I had a professional do the job). I need to check your electrical box. Come on down. The circuit breakers didn’t pass inspection because they were the wrong brand. No explain this to me. There is only one brand that is acceptable. It’s available in one store about 30 minutes from my house. Home Depot and Lowes are right down the street. How are they allowed to sell circuit breakers that aren’t up to code in the township. Hmmmm. . . .I’m going to that store and say, Hi, your brother sent me. If there isn’t kickbacks and corruption with this, I talk Wyatt into voting for Milton.


If Sirius Satellite and XM merged, how come I'm still taking a bath on my stock. I grabbed Sirius when it was at the highest its ever been $8.88. It now at $3ish. The big merger with XM (which is at $14is) should end my soaking. . . .you would think.

Posting Weekly. . . Very Weakly!

A week between posts?? That’s right A Week between posts. I just can get it together.

So what keeps Deathlok of the post? It’s time for A WEEK IN REVIEW:

1. Firstly, it’s that dreaded time of the year. . . . .Lent! Why Dreaded? Because it amazes me that everyone gets bent out of shape that I observe Lent. I don’t push Lent on anyone. It’s a personal discipline. Although it would be great if they played King Crimson’s Discipline at Church during Lent. You might see Grimjack there. And as I’ve been asked repeatedly. . .No! I don’t think that God cares if I give up coffee or not. It’s a discipline. You know, that thing that most kids today lack. The past few years I have given up the elevator at work and coffee. This year, I am still taking the stairs, but to try something new, I decided to keep with the coffee and do something that I thought would be easy. . . . spend ½ hour a day reading the Bible. It’s really hard. I have comics to read, blogs to post, piano to abuse. . . . . It’s been interesting though. Despite having heard the Bible for 43 years, I actually learned a few things. Now I must devote my Blog to convert the Great Unwashed. . . . .Hey! where did everybody go?

2. Last week, I went from ill to Washington. I spent two weekends ago, in bed. . .all weekend. I did watch a lot of TV. . . No, not Transvestites. Discovery channel’s Dirty Jobs is a great show. Check it out! Monday, I had my hacking, sore-ribbed (it’s better with ribs), self taken to Washington for a meeting. Monday night, I lay in the hotel room watching sitcoms because, we were taping 24 (That’s right! We watch our shows together! More on that later). Didn’t sitcoms used to be funny? Other than an amusing 2 and a half men, I hurt my scalp scratching it wondering how this dreck gets the approval to be aired. I would double viewership by posting the email traffic from the FHL. No Lie. Of course, this past weekend was my turn to take care of my wife as she caught what I had. I was smart enough to sleep elsewhere during her coughie weekend.

3. It’s the holiday season and that means that I have been trying to learn Danny Boy and other gems on the piano. My piano skills are sad. I’m gonna get that wrist look at yet.

4. Tuesday was our 14th Wedding Anniversary!! That’s right the same person has tolerated me for 14 years. I can hardly believe it. Remember I have Temerity AND I’m High Maintenance. Maybe waiting to watch our shows together has something to do with it. We went to dinner and our waitress was a really cute redhead. God Smiles Sometimes.

The FORECAST – Deathlok Alert!! I’ve been drafted again. Yes, this Sunday is the Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade. My wife’s dance troupe will be in it again . . .going for a repeat win. I was told that I was volunteered to carry the banner again (that’s why they won!) My daughter, Erin, has been pressed into “standby” service in case of a no show. Reilly has been given the dubious distinction of being St. Patrick. So the gangs all represented. So tune in and set that TIVO. Crossroads is going to another victory!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

In Other Police News. . . .

And in other Police News. . .

I received a Pre-Sale code yesterday and was fortunate enough to acquire Police tickets for the Philadelphia show on July 19th. I am as happy as two of the three people in this picture.

If Ebay becomes a cash cow, I'll be even happier. . . . .I can be bought.

Checking My Prostrate!

I prostrate myself in thanks to Rachel for all her help (oh . . .and wyatt too.) for helping the Temerity of High Maintenance blog with its facelift.

Wyatt designed a beautiful top banner. Rachel did some computer magic to make it actually appear at the top of the blog. The hardest part was having me follow the simple instructions that she gave.

Thank You X 1,000,000.

I do indeed love it.