Thursday, March 08, 2007

People That I Hate!

Sure, this is a rip-off of Wyatt’s column. My “People That I Hate” usually encompasses just about everyone, but I got a few stand outs.

1. Gloucester Township Electrical Inspector – Last week, I got a letter in the mail saying that I never received final inspection for the extension on our house. OF COURSE, I DID! Why I even left them posted. Of course, when the final inspection stickers are on you back door for two years they turn into blank white stickers. Sure, come on out.!! The construction guy comes out. Done! The Electrical Inspection for the Township is notorious for being a complete jerkoff. He beat me up for a year while I tried to get my basement finished.

Anyway, this guy shows up and everything is looking good (because I had a professional do the job). I need to check your electrical box. Come on down. The circuit breakers didn’t pass inspection because they were the wrong brand. No explain this to me. There is only one brand that is acceptable. It’s available in one store about 30 minutes from my house. Home Depot and Lowes are right down the street. How are they allowed to sell circuit breakers that aren’t up to code in the township. Hmmmm. . . .I’m going to that store and say, Hi, your brother sent me. If there isn’t kickbacks and corruption with this, I talk Wyatt into voting for Milton.


At 4:32 PM, Blogger RT said...

Heh..NJ, Camden County...nuff said.

At 8:30 PM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

I may still vote for Uncle Milty! He is a blogger's dream.

At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Randal Graves said...

1st - all inspectors are jerkoffs
2nd - Rule of Thumb "If the inspectors can see it from the street (i.e. basement), then it doesn't need a permit. fuck 'em all.
3rd - New Jersey smells funny.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger zippychik said...

Now upstate New York doesn't sound so bad.


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