Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Best Medicine. . . . . .

I'm still walking around using the brain matter that still works. The only symptom that I had from the whole ordeal was that I didn't see Batman yet. Well, I took care of that last night. Wyatt couldn't beat the brain damaged guy to the theater. WOW!

Anyway, the movie was incredible. 2 hours 36 minutes incredible. Sure, Ledger was amazing. However, the unsung hero award for this movie is Gary Oldman. He plays a GREAT Gordon. I don't want to ruin the movie for those who haven't seen it. I had two little issues with it (and I mean little).

1. Christian Bale (whom I love) makes his voice so deep for Batman that it seems strained and sometimes not understandable.

2. The other thing has to do with the Harvey issue, which floored me, but didn't like the resolution (how is THAT for not giving things away)

3. Save time! There is nothing after the credits. However, it you stay until after the credits to the second clip below (and you stayed until after the credits on Iron Man) you will laugh you self silly. . . .
. . . . .of course, I have brain damage.

That for all the well wishes. They meant and still mean a lot.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Avoid The Foley!!

So, Where has Deathlok been?

Wow! Where do I start? The last week has been incredible.

Wednesday, June 9th, I to a Vacation Day from work. . .. (that I’ll show me). I got up early and went to the Chiropractor. While getting my neck adjusted, I became REALLY REALLY Dizzy. I sat up and the vertigo made the nausea come. I couldn’t shake it. After about an hour (or so it seemed), the Doctor called my wife. She came and picked me up. I went home and went to bed. My wife called my family doctor, who ordered me something for the nausea. The next day, I went to the family doctor and got something for the vertigo. I felt better, but still a little off.

By Saturday, I wasn’t any better. I got up, made breakfast and went to lie down again. My wife saw me and said, “That’s enough! It’s been four days and your back in bed. We’re going to the hospital. I, of course, said “Okay, as soon as this show is over!”
“No! Now!” was the reply.

So we sent over to the local hospital. It happens to be the one that my wife works at. Very nice. We should be home in time to see our friend’s band tonight.

After a quick CAT scan, the hospital, says, “We might want to keep him over night.”

WHAT!!! Okay, I didn’t see that coming.

Later, they are talking in the hall and they tell my wife that they are deciding whether I should stay or go to Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia (on the countries leading Neuro hospitals). My wife quickly says, “JEFF!”

I’m thinking, “Let’s get in the car!”. . . . . . . . .No! Here comes the ambulance! Then some more scans and more doctor chat and the story changes. They decided that I needed to be helicoptered over the JEFF. WHAT!!! Collar. . . . Board. . . .and off we go!!


It turns out that after a long night of tests and retests in the Neuro ICU, I had what they termed a Stroke. To be more exact, for me at least, I have a blood clot in the artery that goes from my neck to my brain. All the Neurologists and Neurosurgeons concur that the Chiro visit caused the clot/tear thing.

They all look puzzled because I am alive. At the very least, I should be in a coma. The only deficit that I had was that I was hungry and they wouldn’t feed me. Odd!!

More tests. . . . . .

Turns out that I have a second clot and they are going to have to open up my head a little. Between the damage and the surgery, the doctors predict that Wyatt might have a shot at beating me in the Fantasy League Hockey this year.

Another turn. . . . ..

As it turns out the second clot in the Basilar Artery is odd. . . .like 20-25 years old. They have never seen this injury on a LIVING patient. More exams. . . . . . It looks like the old injury caused my brain to form offshoots of blood circulation. Hmmmm! That is how I survived. Technically, I should have been dead 25 years ago.

Turn again. . . . They speculate that without the new pathways from the old injury, the new injury, would have been deadly of vegetative. So, the old injury saved me from the new injury. I tell everyone that I grew new brain.

They have been regulating my blood and thinning it out. I have to be careful and drink little for three to six months. OUCH!! I was drinking so much 25 years ago, I think that helped save me.

There are more miracles that have happened this week, but they are for later. Needless to say I am more than lucky to be alive. I’m like my own FINAL DESTINATION IV.

Believe in God? After this week, I think that I have PROVEN THE EXISTENCE OF GOD!!

More when I’m up for it. . . . .

Thanks For the Well Wishes. . . .

Monday, July 07, 2008


Created by OnePlusYou

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Captain America -
Colonel Hart opened the file on his desk. The face of Mikhail Rosakof stared out at him blankly. As a Colonel he had one overriding become a General. To this point his stewardship of his latest assignment had been flawless. His anticipated success along with endorsements from the Company should easily open the door into that very exclusive club.

But it was time to take stock of his current position. Unfortunately Mr. Rosakoff had let his curiosity get the better of himself. It proved to be his undoing. Just dumb luck the Resistance got to him first. It was a big gamble absorbing him into the WRK project, but sooner or later there had to be human trials.

As the project manager Col. Hart couldn't risk details of this project getting out. If the resistance found out how much progress they had made, or if they suspected the real goals they could finally forge a coalition to bring down the Government. After the destruction of the last rebellion their society couldn't afford another period of internal conflict. Col Hart couldn't afford that.

As he turned the page the picture of the police detective stood out. His involvement had complicated things. Jack and Jim had botched the operation as far as he was concerned. They would soon find out the price for failure. He needed to tie up some loose ends. "Secure line please" he said out loud.

Supervisor X finished the conversation by saying "Close line" out loud to no one in particular.

Jack stood up and motioned to Jim as the subway train came to a halt. "There's been a change in assignments". "What the fu*k is going on?" Jim demanded. "We're to go back to Rosakoff's apartment and ready it for another tasking, X's orders".

Amalee strolled into Supervisor X's office and sat on the couch as if she hadn't a care in the world. In reality this guy made her nervous. Not him personally, but the goons he controlled. "I'm glad to see you again" he began.
"Well it's been a while" she said taking stock of his body language. As usual he gave little away.
"We know you have been moonlighting for the Resistance" Supervisor X said.
Amalee was stunned. Why was he bringing this up now?
"What makes you say that?" was all she could muster.
"Sweet Amalee your handiwork is all too familiar to those of us in the know".
Supervisor X was going somewhere but Amalee didn't know where. But she was sure at this point that wherever he was going he needed her. At least for a while.
"What I do under contract is my own business". "What is it that I can help you with?" "You didn't bring me all the way up here to stare at my tits...or did you?" she said as she leaned forward momentarily throwing the Supervisor off his game.
"No indeed", he said flush faced.

Jack and Jim had finally arrived at the huge apartment block. They merged into the early evening crowd and headed toward one of the lesser used elevators. Stepping inside Jim was still grumbling. "This is just shit". "We shouldn't be here" As the dimly lit elevator hit floor seven the familiar ding filled the car. The doors groaned open and a tall stunning, blond was at the door. Both men were momentarily motionless as their biology overrode their instinct. It was all the time Amalee needed. Almost fluidly she produced a high powered pistol and shot Jim in the face. Jack was so stunned he instinctively turned and watched Jim fall to the floor. Reflexively he tried to pull his own pistol but it was already too late. A bullet crashed through the side of his skull killing him instantly. Two more shots rang out in quick succession as the elevator doors closed. The noise from the four second encounter rarely registered in the building. Amalee dropped the pistol as the elevator doors closed and took the dead men to the tenth floor.