Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fellow Machine Takes Office!

White House chief of staff Andrew Card has resigned and will be replaced by former Commander of the Starship Enterprise Commander Data.

In a recent poll, President Bush's approval rating has jumped dramatically amongst the Cyborg and Artificial Life Form populous.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Got Milk Stout?

Last night Wyatt and I, along with others, attended the Richard Butler concert. The show was very good. The opening act, Trisha O’Keefe, was a good opening act. She had a singer songwriter style that was grabbed the audiences attention and put everyone in the mood for the main event. The fact that she was sweet looking, didn’t At All!! (Apparantly,Wyatt rates the pix from the show, so I'll go with a picture of Trish . . . .Thanks Vinnie!. . . .Lowman? Lowman!)

Before I get to the main event. . . and the trumping of Wyatt at the show, I’d like to talk about the new WXPN World Café Studio. That venue for the show was great. It had an upstairs and downstairs stage. Richard Butler was downstairs. With about 200 people or so, it was full-ish. . . .quasi-filled (with a hyphen) but not crowded. There was a bar and table for those who wanted dinner. The bar had a Milk Stout which was tasty but gave me a homogenized hangover this morning. Got Milk Stout? We were able to hang right at the stage without being penned in. The place was beautiful.

Now, Richard Butler! Richard came out with his patented bow. He had Teemu Selanne on bass and some guy that looked like he should star in the show Weeds on keyboard. He played a very good mix of his new album, Love Spit Love and Psychedelic Furs material. It was scaled down versions of the songs because he didn’t have the full band behind them, but that’s not to be taken as a negative. When the show was over, I thought it felt short, but it was well after 11:00 so the time flew faster than it seemed. Always a good sign for a concert.

During the show, Wyatt’s brother-in-law asked me if the guy behind us looked like Tim Butler (another member of the Furs and Richards Brother). I said it looked like it. I told my brother to ready his camera phone. I faded back and introduced myself. . . .”big fan. . . .BIG Fan!” Not to be out done, Wyatt hung after the show and shook his hand with an introduction himself. Both shook Richard’s hand on the way off the stage. However, Wyatt was one upped when I made Richard Butler laugh. As I said, we were right at the stage. People were yelling requests. When I saw the Furs a few years ago, they played Roxy Music’s “Virginia Plain”. It was incredible!! There were maybe 2-3 people including myself that knew the song (Roxy fans and Furs fans have a small common set).
Anyway, I yelled out “play Virginia Plain” and Richard laughed and said “that’s the other crew”. He looked generally entertained by that.

I’ve seen the rise and fall of the Furs. In the 80s, I saw them at the (now Defunct) Chestnut Cabaret in Philadelphia and then at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby. Years later, I saw them at the Philadelphia Spectrum Showcase. A fairly big venue. I saw them again at the Cabaret. The Roxy incident was at the Theatre of the Living Arts on South Street (still Philadelphia) and last year at the Trocadero (same area), a small whole in the wall. This was a step up as a venue and the new CD songs very good if you like your Furs on the mellow side.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Don't Even Go There!

This came up again yesterday and it reminded me that I should have posted this long ago.

A friend of mine. . . . .okay a guy I work with. . . again wanted to stop after lunch for a cup of coffee. He knows that I won't support Starbucks, but brings it up from time to time.

So, here's the deal! I will not support Starbucks in any way. . .. Ever! The reason is the picture to the left. This is an add that came out right after 9/11. It was quickly pulled once they got caught. Let's go through it shall we. . . .

1. The grass blade represent the cityscape of New York.
2. The Coolatas represent, or course, the Twin Towers.
3. The dragonfly represents the plane flying into the towers. . . .in meand the Coolatas.
4. "Collapse" Into Cool. Not so subtle.
5. The butterflys, for those interested, represent the news media helicopters.

One or two things may be a stretch. But come on. They should have taken these Advertising execs and hung them from empire state building.

The fact that I work in an area devoted to aviation safety adds fuel to my fire. Watching all the planes as they were forced to land and hearing that we were a potential strike zone makes this little slap in the face something that I won't forget. Besides, Wawa coffee $1.25 - - -Starbucks - -$15.95. Bite Me Starbucks.

Blow Out The Candles!!

Happy Birthday to Keri Russell!! Yeeoowww!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Catching Up!

Wow! I couldn't decide which picture to use!

The Caption Above for those interest: "Don't Worry Jimmy - -They're Just Actors - -That's Not Real Ketchup!"

You can make up your caption for the other one!

Saturday was the REAL St. Patrick's Day Celebration. My wife had the family over for cornbeef and cabbage AND Guinness Beef Stew. AWESOME!! Adding an overtime victory in NHL06 against my brother, it was a filling and fulfilling night. Earlier I finally got around to painting the back room and turning it into my son's new bedroom. . . .no longer the one right next to ours. . . .wink wink. The motif is dragons. It looks rather good, but get this. After I got the big stuff in, I gave my son a statue/action figure (or as my wife calls it. . .a little doll) of a dragon. In an example of duality, I gave Rei a model of a firebreathing dragon attacking a knight on a horse (very sweet) and my wife gave him a dragon for his room too . . . . . .a beanie dragon I give up!
1. Fire - Charred Flesh - Valor in the face of Death - Steel - Scales - Fury
2. Beans - Cutesy

Sunday was emptying my gas tank helping my sister begin the move to get away from her complete jerkoff husband. I did salvage the day by buying her lunch (because she hasn't been eating regularly). I ordered each of us a bacon cheeseburger but replaced the bacon with porkroll. Other than the fact that I should have kept the bacon on it, it was the ultimate lunch sandwich. Cheez Whiz Fries and a milkshake would have been something you just can't top. If you've never heard your own blood slow, I highly recommend this lunch.

To Finish up on the catching up I aced another song last night. . .Guantanemara! Now, if I have to escape to Mexico, I'm set. My teacher was kind enough to take one look at the Wedding March and say "Do you want play that?" "Okay, let's move on to next one then." I'm now working on one of the songs that Bugs Bunny played in his concerto with the mouse. That is motivation.

Time Flies!!

For those out there that grace my Blog with their optic presence, I apologize for the lack of postings. In a weird dichotomy of Being very busy and not having anything to type that I feel would be of interest. . . .There's a Joseph Heller novel there somewhere.

Anyway, a lot has been happening and, for a change, there seems to be a lot on the docket. Let's see . . . .

The 12th was not only the day after the Pogues, it was the Philadelphia Irish Parade. I mentioned briefly. What I didn't mention was that my wife's dance troop, the Crossroads Irish Dancers, won an award at the parade. . . .there first ever at the parade. Although the troop danced well and had a great routine that had the crowd cheering, I had to point out to them that the first award was won the only time that I was volunteered to carry the banner for the troop. I don't think they realize the subtle nuances of banner carrying that get the judges pumped. So, CONGRATULATIONS to them for a job well done. . . .and the few minutes of air time they received. DVDs available.

Monday, I was witness to a sign that God exists. I was too busy to practice the piano last week. As I trudged over to the lesson, I was not inspired. When I got there, the teacher's car had broken down and I was credited $21.25 for a lesson that would have been a waste. . . . .CHING!
Thanks for the gumball, Popeye!.
After all the Shane activity of the 11th, a quiet Saint Patrick's Day was in order. The wife's troop was performing a show at some school. My daughter spent the night at her friends. So, a little Avengers DVD and my son goes to bed. Once alone, I snuggled up to a nice Guinness and Harp blend and popped in THE QUIET MAN on the 52". Of course, once my wife came home it was more like THE MAN. . . .The quiet mysteriously vanashed. If I could have just squeezed in GANGS OF NEW YORK for the double feature, I would have been set.

More on the next post!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Congratulations to my daughter Erin for doing well in her interview for Confirmation last night. Despite her spending the last several weekends going to school to review for the GEPA tests (which I believe replaced our STS tests) for school, maintaining her status in the Junior Honor Society and actually taking the GEPAs for the past few days, she still found time to review the needed material for the Confirmation Interview.

I'm very proud and happy. Proud that she is doing so well and happy that it isn't me!

NAY! To The Naysayers!

All this talk about how horrible Robert Esche should be tucked away and put on silent mode after lst night's Flyer's victory. Sure they play the Florida Panthers, but Esche played fantastic. He pitched his first shutout of the year AND add an assist for good measure.

I think that Niittymaki is a great goalie too. Hitchcock certainly thinks that Esche is the "go to" guy right now.

See all you people at the playoff hunt.

Speaking of last night's game, How bad would it have been if the rumor of the Esche/Brashear for Bertuzzi trade were true.?? Brashear beat Allison like a ragdoll.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Last Night was the Pogues concert! It was great!! The Saw Doctors open the show at the Borgata. They were very good too.

The Murphy's was flowing freely (but not free by any stretch). Shane came out and looked bad. That being said, he looked a lot more together than I thought he was going to look. With the years of drinking and lack of dental work, he's never one to spend time on speeching clearly, but being very familiar with their songs, I thought he was more clear that I anticipated. It should be noted that he was drinking water (at least on stage) the entire night. . . .Well, almost the entire night. A good sign that they were playing their last encore was when Shane drank an entire bottle of Zinfindel (at least it looked like Zinfindel) during the song.

The best part of the concert for me was the juxtaposition of the crowd. When the spiked haired, neck tattooed, punk throwbacks started up a mosh pit (something I haven't really seen since the 80s) amidst the older conservatives (comped tickets), all Hell broke loose. The suit and tie crowd exit the front of the stage faster than the "non-believers" started heading towards the Christmas tree in the Posideon Adventure (like Hackman is ever wrong). They had their drinks splashed on them and they were complaining about the crowd. It's the Pogues!! What did they expect. If he would have started the show with "Bottle of Smoke", once the F-bombs started, they might have had a better idea of what to expect.

As for the show, if you can get your self to the three shows in NY. . .DO IT! The show was worth whatever you have to pay for it! They played for over 2 hours and it was like a "Best of" concert. Shane took a break every three songs or so and the band filled in while Shane did whatever Shane does backstage.

Well Done! Shane! Well Done! Pogues!! The show was well worth dragging my sleep deprived body through the Philadelphia Irish Day Parade for my wife's dance troop . . . .which was also went very well.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Trade DEADline

Well the NHL Trade Deadline has come and gone. The Flyers were rumored to get many players that they need to help them advance. The got very little. . . .and I don't mean Neal Little. Recchi went to the Hurricanes because, according to Clarke, "although we had better draft picks, Carolina was offering better prospects that we were willing to part with." Dumb, but I'm fine with that.

I wanted Keith Tkachuk!! He was reported to agree to go to a team that is a "contender". Contender = Flyers. It was a rent, as Keith wants to stay in St. Louis. St. Louis would basically save money on the remainder of the season. This season wasn't much of season for them anyway. I can't imagine why this deal didn't go down. He didn't even go anywhere.

NIKO DIMITRAKOS!! Somehow if you jumble the letters, it doesn't spell Stanley Cup! I spells "I spent a lot of money on playoff tickets!"

See it! Believe it!

I was at the Flyer's game last night. On the whole the Flyer's play was lackluster at best. However, the last few minutes was worth the price of admission. . . .That and Grimjack bought beer.

Excitement abounds as the Flyers killed off a 5 on 3 with a third guy in the box. Scoring with 0.6 seconds left in the game to send it to overtime set everyone on the edge of their seat. Overtime was fast and furious (not Too Fast and Too Furious because nobody scored). Then it happened. I been to half the games this year (give or take). Last night was my first shoot out in person. Everyone was standing! It was the most excitement that I've seen at a game since the 20 minute gutter brawl against Ottawa two years ago.

Anyone that thinks the shoot out rule this year was a bad idea has to go to a game and see it live. I've seen a few on the television and they are great, but nothing compares to seeing it live.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Night - Electric Boogaloo


As I stated in a previous post, The Aristocrats got robbed by not being nominated for best editing. It turned a bunch of humorous clips into the funniest movie that I've ever seen.

Basically, the Oscars are ridiculous. It's Hollywood celebrating Hollywood. It's not a night for the common man, but they allow us to watch. And if you are female or a married male, you tend to watch some of it. As I went to bed, I watched the last hour because it was on and I need complete dark and quiet to sleep.

My problem with this years awards? I absolutely hate when I get into a discussion with a bunch of racist people and they turn out to be right after I go and defend whoever is getting trashed. The Oscars are not the MTV Music Awards. I'm sure that there are lot of people spouting the "Ya see! That's why they should let those blacks . . . . .. " The acceptance speech by the Rap group was horrific. I hear the "I can't believe that that Pimpin' song won an Oscar." already. Do they have to prove everyone right by dropping the F-bomb twice at the Oscars. SHOW SOME CLASS!

Sure, they came barely dress in their street clothes and I'm fine with that. It's no worse than the guy who wore jean with his tuxedo. That is the "artsy" side of Hollywood. But the fact that soemone can't give a 45 second speech without having to get bleeped out is deplorable. They might as well have just showed a clip from the Aristocrats. Nothing gets the crowd going like a good old fashion rape joke and incestuous sodomy references.

Is this what we've come to???

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Quick Post - These Are A Few Of My Least Favorite Things!!

The Flyer's played the New York Islanders last night. Although the Flyers lost yet again (as I scrounge to get money together for the playoffs), that is not what bothered me the most.

If anyone watched the game, did you notice that there were a few advertisements on the boards that were either lighted or reflective. Further, they were the type of billboard that rotates the advertizement.

If this distracted the players even 10% as much as it distrated me, I don't see how they could concentrate on the game. It was awful.

I pray that this does not become a trend. It was refreshing to see the white boards (sans advertisements during the Olympics. I've gotten used to the ads on along the boards, but flashing lights? Sure, use them to distract and blind the drunk guy driving next to me, but don't mess with the hockey game.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Okay, just a quick retort to Wyatt's Keira Knightly picture (which is very nice). So to top that I had to go high up the ladder. Of course to do that, I had to start with a redhead. In my opinion, it doesn't get nicer than Alysson Hannigan.

Well, I can't figure out how to make a hot link. So go to Wyatt's Keira Forum and you be the judge.

Solid but Obscure 2 - Electric Boogaloo!

Years ago, friends of mine decided that ALL sequels should be called "Electric Boogaloo".

I was listening to my 300 dish CD player the other day . . .a rare break from radiohidebound. . .and an CD came on that fits this latest posting stint I have be running.

Look for either (or both) the Cars Debut Album or Candy-O in the Solid forum later. The Cars were a great band. As a side, it's disrespectful to have Todd Rundgren call this new project The Cars. No Ric Ocasek? No Benjamin Orr (RIP)? It's not the Cars!

Anyway, did you ever hear someone playing a CD and you had to run right out and buy it the next day? This is just one of those albums. I'm speaking of none other than Benjamin Orr's THE LACE. This is probably the third best Cars album out there (and I have them all. . . .except Door to Door. . . Let's not get crazy.)

Ric Ocasek is seen by most as the Cars. His solo album was pretty bad, in my opinion. I was amazed how many Cars songs Benjamin Orr sang. He was the Donald Fagan of the Cars (Ric being the Walter Becker).

If you are a Cars fan, track this one down. It's the Forgotten Cars Album.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Solid but Obscure!

I was surpised that I almost couldn't find a picture of one of these gems. These two albums are two of my favorite albums. . . .and most people have never heard of them. Sure, a lot people heard one . . .maybe two. . .songs from the first band but . . . . Here we go!

1. Haircut One Hundred

WOW! What an underrated album. I actually own two copies of this because the rereleased it with additional songs on it. As with most albums, the added tracks show why they were originally left off. Not bad. it's just makes this album a little less solid. Every track on this album is great! Pop it in and you are goo for 45 minutes (and don't you guys wish you could say the same for yourselves). I actually met a girl with this album. I was getting pictures framed at the mall and I started talking music with the girl behind the counter (very artsy looking). Somehow, I mentioned this album. She said "I thought that I was the only person in the world who owned this!" And that was all it took. Two dates later "artsy" turned "weird". . .as it's apt to do (Apt Natural?. . . sorry obsure movie digression!). Today, my daughter has the original pressing and I have the new. Although, she'll be more than happy to donate it to radiohidebound.

2. Dreams So Real

How is this album not in everyone's collection. This is one of my all time favorite albums. Thanks to the Record Cellar in Philadelphia, which I doubt is still there. They talked me into getting this because they thought that I would like it. They were wrong! (I was swimming in raw sewage . . . .I Love it!. . . .I digressed again!)

The musically informed may remember the minor hit of "Rough Night in Jericho". That's why I bought it! Happily, one of my favorite things is buying a CD for a song or two and finding another song on it that I like better that the one I knew! There are a lot of those in here. "California" "Melonie" The band is from the Athens area. Somehow, REM and the B52s didn't bring these guys with them. A few years ago, I sought out their second album GLORYLINE. . . .That's GloryLINE! A good album, but if I had to recommend one album to people to buy it would be DREAMS SO REAL'S "ROUGH NIGHT IN JERICHO!