Saturday, March 04, 2006

Solid but Obscure 2 - Electric Boogaloo!

Years ago, friends of mine decided that ALL sequels should be called "Electric Boogaloo".

I was listening to my 300 dish CD player the other day . . .a rare break from radiohidebound. . .and an CD came on that fits this latest posting stint I have be running.

Look for either (or both) the Cars Debut Album or Candy-O in the Solid forum later. The Cars were a great band. As a side, it's disrespectful to have Todd Rundgren call this new project The Cars. No Ric Ocasek? No Benjamin Orr (RIP)? It's not the Cars!

Anyway, did you ever hear someone playing a CD and you had to run right out and buy it the next day? This is just one of those albums. I'm speaking of none other than Benjamin Orr's THE LACE. This is probably the third best Cars album out there (and I have them all. . . .except Door to Door. . . Let's not get crazy.)

Ric Ocasek is seen by most as the Cars. His solo album was pretty bad, in my opinion. I was amazed how many Cars songs Benjamin Orr sang. He was the Donald Fagan of the Cars (Ric being the Walter Becker).

If you are a Cars fan, track this one down. It's the Forgotten Cars Album.


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