Thursday, March 02, 2006

Solid but Obscure!

I was surpised that I almost couldn't find a picture of one of these gems. These two albums are two of my favorite albums. . . .and most people have never heard of them. Sure, a lot people heard one . . .maybe two. . .songs from the first band but . . . . Here we go!

1. Haircut One Hundred

WOW! What an underrated album. I actually own two copies of this because the rereleased it with additional songs on it. As with most albums, the added tracks show why they were originally left off. Not bad. it's just makes this album a little less solid. Every track on this album is great! Pop it in and you are goo for 45 minutes (and don't you guys wish you could say the same for yourselves). I actually met a girl with this album. I was getting pictures framed at the mall and I started talking music with the girl behind the counter (very artsy looking). Somehow, I mentioned this album. She said "I thought that I was the only person in the world who owned this!" And that was all it took. Two dates later "artsy" turned "weird". . .as it's apt to do (Apt Natural?. . . sorry obsure movie digression!). Today, my daughter has the original pressing and I have the new. Although, she'll be more than happy to donate it to radiohidebound.

2. Dreams So Real

How is this album not in everyone's collection. This is one of my all time favorite albums. Thanks to the Record Cellar in Philadelphia, which I doubt is still there. They talked me into getting this because they thought that I would like it. They were wrong! (I was swimming in raw sewage . . . .I Love it!. . . .I digressed again!)

The musically informed may remember the minor hit of "Rough Night in Jericho". That's why I bought it! Happily, one of my favorite things is buying a CD for a song or two and finding another song on it that I like better that the one I knew! There are a lot of those in here. "California" "Melonie" The band is from the Athens area. Somehow, REM and the B52s didn't bring these guys with them. A few years ago, I sought out their second album GLORYLINE. . . .That's GloryLINE! A good album, but if I had to recommend one album to people to buy it would be DREAMS SO REAL'S "ROUGH NIGHT IN JERICHO!


At 1:25 PM, Blogger radio gnome said...

Oh dear, Haircut 100, eh? I dunno about that one . . . little too bubblegum in both sound and cred for us. We might be tempted to get some of Nick Heyward's solo stuff though . . . it's got a little more ooomph to it.

Dreams So Real sounds like something right up our alley. Too bad everything appears to be out of print. Looks like we missed the boat on that one.

At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Zippychik said...

Haircut One Hundred!!! That was a good album, my problem with it actually had more to do my younger sister. She was 17 when that LP was released and had developed a massive crush on Nick Hayward. Needless to say, I liked "Pelican West" the first 25 times I heard it.

The best thing about the album was it diplaced Duran Duran's "Rio" from heavy rotation in our house. I would like to give Haircut 100 another listen. I've really enjoyed hearing them again on the internet.

At 2:20 PM, Blogger Deathlok said...

Nick Heyward's Kite is a great song. I borrowed that CD from someone years ago and I remember liking some tunes, but I never bought it.

I do have "Kite" though.

Another band in this group is the seldom heard "Something Happens". Hello,Hello,Hello,Hello,Hello is a very good tune.

Zippy, I agree that the HC100 was a bit over played at times, but the less paly songs like Fantastic Day are definitely worth a second listen.


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