Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mushroom! Mushroom!

My friend Rose sent me some neat pictures of hybrid animals (No, I don't think that they are real).

Here is one that she told me to post for my brother. . . .

I like these two the best. . . .

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Manga Peanuts!

I was looking around and this is floating around in several places on the net. I don't want to take credit for something. I found this link on my friend Brad's website, which linked to a site called BoingBoing. From there, I found some other pictures on other sites.

This is the Manga Peanuts.

Lucy, her brother Linus, and the man... Charlie Brown

Violet, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, and Patty?

Sally, Charlie, and huh who is Rerun Van Pelt?

Charlie Brown gots a Cute Red Hair Girl as his Mistress? (My personal favorite. . .of course)

Franklin, Schroeder & Pig Pen.

The Baseball Game

Frieda and her naturally curly hair.

And of course. . . . .Snoopy!


Hockey News You Can Use!

This little post was inspired by RT and her quick headline posts:

"Guy Lafleur said this during RDS' post-game show after Saturday's loss: "Le Canadien n'a pas de premier trio, il compte sur quatre quatries trios!" which loosely translates into, "The Canadiens don't have a first line. They have four fourth lines." - TSN

Hey! I have someone on one of those fourth lines. . . No wonder I'm in 9th. Still that's a bit harsh.

"The Bruins were without tough young winger Milan Lucic last night, who remained home in Boston after getting his bell rung by a Bryan Berard shoulder check in Friday's matinee at the Garden."

Which one of these guys has a problem with depth perception? The guy with one eye? Apparantly Not!

"Defenseman Jeff Finger missed practice because of groin stiffness, but Quenneville said he should play Wednesday."

Hockey shouldn't have news that has Finger, Play, and Groin Stiffness in the same sentence.

NOT HOCKEY: Enforcer Derek Boogaard (I was saying Booooogaard) left practice early Monday because of back spasms.
HOCKEY: Kurtis Foster, who took a slapshot to his face Saturday but can play as soon as the swelling subsides, is listed as possible Wednesday, probable for Friday.

Finally, how awesome is this . . . . .?
I'm not very good with geography, but this is the only geography I need anyway.(Click To Enlarge . . . .heh Enlarge)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Battlestar At The Deathstar

Last night (as you may have heard from reading some worthwhile blogs), RT and Wyatt (and Wyatt's friend Bill) came to the Death(lok) Star to watch Battlestar Galactica: Razor.

It was great having everyone over, and it was REALLY great to finally meet RT in the flesh. . . .well, in person anyway. Thanks for making the trip. Thanks for bringing all the goodies. I now have enough munchies and chocolate to bribe someone else to come over. SWEET!!

Mrs. Deathlok was frantically trying to get her assignment for school done and thus was banished to the other room. She sends her apologies for not being able to spend time. . .although BSG isn't her thing.

If not for the company, I would have been made to take my son to Storybookland. A nice little place, but not when it's 7 degrees out. Reilly had a good time though.

Thanks again for coming over everyone (well, everyone who came over). . .

Friday, November 23, 2007


Wednesday Night was concert night. Unfortunately, it wasn't "Deathlok Picks A Concert Night". Mrs D and her friend decided to have a reunion between the two of them and THE BAND. The band in question was The A's!

Who? Well, if you were living in the 80s AND part of the local Philadelphia music scene AND hitting the clubs nightly, you too may have heard of THE A's. If you watched a special on 80s one hit wonders. . .you might have heard of "Woman's Got The Power", thus you can count yourself in the "A's Friendly" category. Despite being a mediocre, but enjoyable band, not quite as good as Beru Revue but better than Bricklin. (If you are not of the 80s Philly scene, ignore the last sentence).

After 22 years, THE A's had a one off reunion tour as an opening act to the HOOTERS. . .
NO! NO! Not those Hooters. . . these Hooters

THE A's opened up and sea of girls got stupid. It reminded me of the time that I was at the Nik Kershaw/Paul Young concert. I was in about the 30th row and the girl behind me yelled, He's looking right at me. I haven't seen behavior like that since Wyatt went to see Richard Butler.

According the Mrs Deathlok, the show was a cookie cutter of the shows that they did 22 years ago (which were probably also introduced by the hirsute fossil. . Pierre Robert). It was fun. To the girls disdain and venomous stares, I said that they sounded a lot like Robert Hazard . . .Faux Pas there.

They have a song called "AFTER LAST NIGHT" which I think is a much better song than the Woman's Got. . song. Anyway, my wife and her friend were happy to see the "old gang" so . . .good for them.

Next up came the Hooters. My first thought was that they were going to say "we can leave now". . .No such luck.

I have to say with the exception that they played a lot of Hooters songs, they weren't bad. There sound was good. They have a great stage presence and when you compare the two bands, you can see why one band made it and the other didn't. Very polished. I also heard some Hooter songs that I forgot that I kinda liked.

My problem with the Hooters has always been this:

When I was in college, my roommate was a heavy metal head. Great guy, but our musical tastes were 180 degrees. While I was listening to Graham Parker, Elvis Costello, Tears for Fears, New Order. . . .he was listening to Ratt, Iron Maiden, Motley Crûe and Triumph (okay, I admit that I did like the Triumph and a band called Ravyn). Other than that the only non metal in his collection was 1. 99 Luft Balloons 2. John Waite's Sole album (because MISSING YOU was him and his girlfriend's song. . . .now his wife) and . . . THE HOOTERS. So other than John Waite's MR. WONDERFUL, the Hooters were the only viable choice. (If only I had the BABY's GREATEST HITS THEN).

Now the Hooter's only had an EP and the Albums was due out. New Stuff? No! You see Jim's uncle worked the soundboard at the Tower Theater, so we had a whole stack of Hooter's shit before the album came out. I was sick of it before the album was done being pressed.

Anyway, my previous relationship consisted of going to see Janet Jackson and Basia, so I got off easy. The show was much better than expected. Plus, the Hooters gave out a copy of their new CD to everyone who attended.

With two of them, the question is. . .. can Radio Hidebound accept the donation??

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Hillbilly For President!

That's scarier than Batman's Twoface and that guy from the original Star Trek Series combined.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Watch this!

Huckabee For President

Letting Go!

Is it me or Kathy Griffin looking really bad lately.

Hello Steroids!

Pampered Puppy!

What a Week!! Last weekend I thought the time had come. Kirk, my dog, is 11 1/2 and I thought last week was going to be time for the BIG SLEEP. Very Sad!

Kirk, who never defiles the house . . .unless you count getting into the trash occasionally. . ., started wizzing about every minute or so. His facial expression was saying "Is that me peein'?" We would let him out. . . he would come in and "Hello Trickle". So obviously, he kidneys are shutting down. Let's see diabetes. . .hip going out (which has caused him to fall down the stairs a few times) . . .pre-cateract condition. . . .old man bumps on his body. . . .Yeah! It's time to look for the scythe.

Well my lack of medical knowledge is revealed when he turns out to have a bladder infection. 3-5 days of antibiotics and . . .good as n . . . . .well better.

This required:
A. A vet visit . . and by bet visit, I mean money
B. Drugs. . .see above
C. Diapers. . .Yes, Diapers. You think the dogs with the cone on their head feel stupid. I swear, the dog looks mortified.(Click on picture to see tongue sticking out)

Well, he is better and today was "You've been wearing a diaper all week and want to get on the furniture? You need a good bath" day.

Aaaahhh!! As soon as I dry, I'll be back on the bed!!!

News Break!!

Here's an interesting story that someone sent me. . . . .

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Forget That Cat!!!

Okay, the cat game was fun. Forget it! This game is the best game ever!

Why would anyone spend money on a game console when you can play this for free.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Here Kitty Kitty