Friday, February 29, 2008

Tickets Please!!

Here is a shorter version of the new trailer that they showed during LOST last night. This movie looks better and better.

Politically Incorrect 101

I don't consider myself racist at all, but a commercial for Oprah new show was on last night and my mind turned the BIG GIVE into the NIG GIVE and I laughed to myself. I mean . . . .that's funny right??

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Something Serious . . .

I found out today that one of my CCD students is the cousin of Jonathon Cote (see link). Please pray for him.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Bucket Test!!

I just endured the remake od HALLOWEEN by Rob Zombie. With, and the rumor of a remake of JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, I have come up with a new idea for Hollywood. If you are so devoid of ideas that you feel that you have to remake a movie feel free. . . . . . but . . . at the premiere of the movie, the Director, Producer and those involved have to sit over a dunk tank full of piss. If you ruin a classic movie because you think that you can "improve" it, give it the Bucket Test.

This movie took the really scary stuff about the original and changed it into something mediocre. It's basically the same movie, so there is no fear of spoilers here. Rob Zombie added so backstory to Michael Myers and, I thought, made it less scary. The abusive, trailer trash, stripper mother having existence that explains why Michael became who he was is less terrifying than the boy who had a normal life, by all accounts, . . . . . . nice sister, nice family, nice life . . . . .and still became THE SHAPE (his name in the book). WHY?? Because he was just evil. Evil can be anywhere and can take any shape. No matter how wonderful you are, you kid can be the next Michael Myers. THAT is scary my friends.

Rob added more back story to flush out the character, but them forgot to keep in the drive that kept him going. In the original, Michael Myers sits dormant until he hears that he has a little sister. He hasn't wiped out his family as he thought and this awakens the demon in him. In this dreck, he just desides to get up and go. Is he after her or trying to connect with her, it's never quite clear.

Further, a note to horror movie makers: Dark is scary. So dark that I can't see anything . . . ANYTHING!! A waste of film.

And now, a list of movies that would have failed the piss bucket test!!


Movies that pass:
3:10 TO YUMA

Friday, February 22, 2008

As reported on TSN.CA:

The Philadelphia Flyers claimed Patrick Thoresen off waivers from the Edmonton Oilers on Friday.

Thoresen has two goals and one assist with a minus-4 rating over his 17 games this season.

The 24-year-old forward was originally signed as a free agent by the Oilers on May 31st, 2006.

This is how we are righting the ship??

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Odds & Ends

1. Wyatt's non-stop Blog-a-thon has reported that Lindsey Lohan is posing nude in the New Yorker and how tragic it is. It is tragic, but she is still hot. I want a copy o' that. (She's no Amy Adams, but. . . . .

2. The Flyer's traded a mere draft pick to obtain Jaroslav Modry from the LA Kings. Well, done there. Let's get back on the winning track before I go to the game on Thursday.

3. Speaking of Thursday, it looks like it's back under the knife Thursday to remove the pin in my hand which is causing a crippling pain. Oh and the boss is in from Washington that day. . . . . .Dag!

4. Go rent Gone Baby Gone and Good Luck Chuck. Gone is a really good movie. Chuck isn't, but it's still very funny. For the kiddies, Spiderwick was very entertaining and scared my 8 year old alittle bit. Not enough to make him not like, just enough.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hang A Right!

Last week's surgery went well. I've ducked and dodged for a year and a half but it finally caught up to me.

Back in '06, I was having problems with my right wrist. I went to the doctor and he told me that I needed surgery. During his diatribe, he said, "blah blah blah . . fuse the bones in your wrist. . . . blah bah blah . ." The translation to that is "go to another Doctor. So, I did.

Doctor #2 says surgery is probably needed, but let's try therapy first. Therapy did inlude anything being fused. Let's do it! A few weeks and a couple $100 later and we were back . . .in his office. Cortizone is next. GET INTO THE ZONE . . CORTIZONE! Although painful shot. . .two actually, but the pain subsided and things were good. TAKE THAT FUSION GUY!! Six months later the pain came back. Sadness.

Later, I am talking to a fellow member of the Pastoral Council and we start talking about surgeries. It turns out that his wife works for the Fusion Guy. I tell her the story. She tells me that he is awsome and that Doc #2 is "not so good". Well, okay. That's nice but I am not ready for any fusion unless Jeff Lorber is in town (a little Jazz Fusion humor).

The next week, Shelley, the nurse, sees me and tells me that she looked at my chart and the records show that the diagnosis was a three step plan. 1. scope and determine the problem. 2. ligament reconstruction. 3. Bone Fusion. OH! That's what that blah blah blah was.

Back at the original Doctor, we decide that (1) I haven't been around in 1 1/2 years and (2) we don't need the surgery to look at the problem. Right on to step two. Surgery is scheduled and I sign a form that says if during the procedure, it is clear that the Fusion is needed, to do it.

I wake to find that the repair of the partialy torn ligament has been repaired and things looked good. No Fusion.

8 weeks - 1 down 7 to go. My left hand is getting a workout. When I not at work or driving to the Flyers, Percoset and I have a loving union.

Today, I have my first review. The doctor is going to remove the Hellboy mit and replace it with a cast (I'm hoping for the cast of Baywatch). Hopefully, I will get something smaller in size so that I can get a shirt on. (I own two oversized shirts and I'm wearing the second one today. . . .and I'm freezing.

Note: Post done entirely left handed.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Your Security Is Assured!!

So I started my new job three weeks ago, and boy are my nerves tired. Things look to be turning around, but here is a little recap of the last two weeks . . .

Week One
The week started off great because my first day was MLK day I had off. That’s how you want to start off . . . .being off. The next two days were orientation in DC. I took the shuttle that the FAA offers at the airport. It’s tiny 18 passenger plane. When the pilot talks to you, he leans back and talks to you. He also hands out bottles of water from the cockpit. However, it turns a 3 hour train ride into a 45 minute flight. All in all, it’s the way to go. Being the only orientee that wasn’t from the area, I had everyone looking at “the guy with the suitcase”. Being a secure building, I couldn’t store it anywhere, so I carried everything around for two days, while wearing a suit. The night I spent there consisted of going to an Irish Pub for dinner. NOTE: Do not go to an Irish Catholic Pub the same day that there is a Pro-Life Convention.

Once back in NJ, I dressed my best and started my first day with the new boss in town. (My boss resides in DC). Here is where it started down hill. The office that I was told that I would be working in was filled with storage junk. They set me up in a cubicle that, due to the ventilation system, vibrated so much that I could actually phase through the wall by the end of the day. It seems that everyone there is more interested in their own political position than getting anything done. I went three days before I started moving things around in “my office”. The place is so secure that I can’t listen to radiohidebound or any streaming. I “borrowed” speakers from my old job and hooked my MP3 player up. Adapt.

My boss still wants me to fly to DC this Wednesday despite the fact that I now have one hand for the next 8 weeks.

The building that I work in seems to be the Red Headed Stepchild of the Organization. I have to fix that.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

What's left?

A post? From Deathlok? Pee-Shah!

Life’s been an extended go-around on Mister Toad’s Wild Ride.

The new job has kicked in and it is very busy. Whether it has been a good move or not still remains to be seen. I’ll post in detail later.

Yesterday was my surgery. I had the ligaments in right hand repaired. That’s right, today is day 2 of not using my right hand for 8 weeks. The only thing that makes it tolerable is my friends . . . . .and by friends, I mean Percaset.

Except for the black tape, my hand looks like Hellboy’s.

Using just my left hand bites.