Friday, January 18, 2008

Cloverfield - The Review!

I just got back from seeing the much anticipated CLOVERFIELD. The thing is. . .how to review it without giving anything away.

Okay, first prepare yourself. If you are subject to motions sickness, take a dramamine before entering the theatre. Watching the movie is like watching the camera work from the Blair Witch Project while riding the Tile-A-Whirl. So Prepare. . .but go! This movie is awesome. I will go out on a limb. . . .. . .. and say that it probably isn't for everyone. But if you are a fan of Monster movies and interesting low budget film that tell a not so new story in a BRAND new way. See it. See it before you hear about it.

The movie is 1 hour and 28 minutes long. In my opinion, this is the amount of time that it took test audiences to start having seisures. So you are safe.

The movie has no stars in it, so you can easily put yourself in the action. The story starts at a party and it's a character development tool that really allows you to BE IN THE MOVIE.

Well done and highly recommended. To say more would cheapen your experience.

Monday, January 14, 2008

For Wyatt and Captain America

Battlestar Galactica - Season Four Clues

Battlestar Clues

It's just around the corner. Check out this article on Clues to Battlestar's upcoming season.

Holy Hannah!!

Hannah Montana Caught Using Body Double

It was ever so brief, but the use of a body double by Miley Cyrus on her best-selling "Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus 'Best of Both Worlds'" tour is creating plenty of buzz.

A video posted on YouTube shows the 15-year-old entertainer as "Hannah" dancing onstage with a group of dancers and the Jonas Brothers, also on the tour. During the song, someone ushers her offstage via a trap door. Immediately, another girl dressed like the character "Hannah" in the same pink trench coat with blonde hair covering her faces dances around, runs up the stage set, and then quickly leaves.

While the double is holding a microphone for her less than a minute, the girl motions like she is singing. However, a rep for Miley said the switch was only for costume purposes

With all the Britney and her sister, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton stuff going on, this is what they have come up with against this girl. PLEASE! All of a sudden, she's the new Milli Vanilli.

Just Stop!!

Spectrum No More??

Philadelphia Landmark May Soon Be No More

PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) ― A Philadelphia landmark may soon be demolished to make way for multi-million dollar entertainment complex.

The site housing the Wachovia Spectrum could be the location of a series of new restaurants, shopping and a luxury hotel.

The owner of the Spectrum, Comcast-Spectacor, is reportedly in preliminary talks to fund the venture.

Sources said an official announcement could come within two weeks.

WOW!! Where will they put all the stuff that goes on there? More to follow.. . . .

Fly By Night

Well this is it!!

This is my last week working for the Federal Aviation Administration. I am very nervous about my career change and I hope that I am making the right decision. It hardly seems like I have been here for 8 years. After leaving the Navy (civilian employee) with 15 years under my belt, I took the drive South to the FAA and, although I was nervous about that move, I hated the Navy and knew that anything would be an improvement.

Now, I leave here and the feeling is completely different. I like it here. It’s Government employment, so you accept a certain amount of wackiness, but I like my job. After just over a year here, we had the 9-11 incident to deal with (for which I received special recognition) and we built the Federal Air Marshal program to what it is today.

I have worked on many special projects that have taken me to Alaska, Arizona, California and other US destinations. It’s been a blast. A year and a half ago, I was given the nightmare contract of nightmare contracts and have held it together pretty well.

After this week, it’s off to Washington for two days, then back up here to be part of Transportation Security.

I believe I get to pick who gets cavity searched. You’ll know if that’s true when you get to the airport.

Blogsphere vs Blobsphere

The Weight Loss Battle is in full force in the blogsphere. I wish all those who are participating in it the best of luck. Since my two friends from high school have begun running, I am officially the FAT GUY in the group, so I should join in . . . . .but won’t.

I have instead decided that my New Year’s resolution will be to get in shape. In the past, I have joined various health clubs. Each time, I ended up getting injured and having surgery. Nice!

This time, I’m going to work it from the other angle. I am going to start with getting myself medically and physically corrected. Tomorrow, I have an appointment with the hand surgeon. I have finally accepted the fact that I need my wrist operated on. If I act now, I should be able to have my wrist ready for the Heritage Hills Golf Outing in May.

Next, although I haven’t had a cavity (until two months ago) in 30-35 years, I know need a root canal done. Eh what?

Once those two things are fixed, I plan on getting an exercise bike and get in shape a little bit. That is unless my knees give out by then.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Comic Collector - Retired!

Okay, I guess Wyatt is right. I should vent. The previous post had a comment left saying that I surprisingly didn’t post something about Spider-Man’s divorce.

Well, let me tell you. I just finished reading the last two issues of Spider-Man. The only thought that went through my mind is “Wow! I just stopped collecting Spider-Man.” That’s right. I can’t see myself buying another issue of this crap. I have been buying Spider-Man comics since 1977. You can’t walk 3 feet in my house without seeing something with Spider-Man on it.

As I mentioned in my WALKING DEAD post, I forgot the joy of collecting comics and have often thought that maybe I was growing away from the hobby. I glad I realized that that is not the case. It’s just that the big two (MARVEL and DC) are only in it for the buck and have no creativity whatsoever any more.

DC doesn’t bother me as much because I just started the BATMAN admiration about 15 years ago. I have always been a MARVEL guy. Now, I can’t think of ONE book that is great. Fantastic Four . .. It’s okay. They have ruined IRON MAN (hopefully, the movie will be good). The HULK is now red. . . .RED!
I don’t even want to know why the Hulk is red. Captain America is dead, which I heard is some retaliation to the Iraq War and now they are bringing in a new guy in a costume that looks stupid . . . .Oooooo, shiny! The X-men and so over used and there are so many books out there, I can’t keep track. . . .and don’t.

As for Spider-Man, Wyatt got it wrong. He didn’t get divorced. I wouldn’t have liked that at all, but it would have been reasonable (if you wrote it properly). Mephisto (the devil) made a deal with Peter Parker and Mary Jane. To save the life of Aunt May, they had to agree to have never met. WHAT?. . . .. Strike One! When they agree, Peter Parker is now single and his dead friend Harry Osborne is alive again. . . .Huh? Strike Two. Well, where is strike three you ask?!?! Let combined the fact that everyone magically forgets that Spider-Man revealed his identity to the world (the whole world forgot. . . .and not only forgot, the book actually says “People remember Spider-Man unmasking but can’t remember who was under the mask”. Now let’s sprinkle in the unexplained “Harry was living in Europe, Parker doesn’t work at the Bugle anymore for no reason, Mary Jane shows up for a party despite living in California and is unexplainedly angry with Peter.. . . . .”

The kicker is that they have “cancelled” the other two Spider-Man titles and now Amazing Spider-Man comes out three times a month. The $12.00 a month for a book that blows dog.

With nothing good on the market, I picked up three weeks of comics this week and spent over $50 . . . .and one of them wasn’t WALKING DEAD.

As the cover on the new issue of Spider-Man says, It's a BRAND NEW DAY. . . . but not a good one.

Friday, January 04, 2008

This Is Priceless!

And I've been wasting my time trying to learn Guaraldi, Bach and Joplin . . . .

Walk This Way!

WOW!! Many thanks go out to Will the Thrill at Jester's Playhouse
in Northfield NJ.
Will and I were talking about comics the a few weeks ago. In my rant about comics really hitting rock bottom as an industry and as a hobby, he mentioned that THE WALKING DEAD was a great comic. On a lark, I picked up the first collected volume of issues and read it. It was really good. So I picked up the second volume (each trade volume contains about 6 issues of the comic) and read some more. It got better. it got so much better that I went to ebay and bought all 7 volume of the trade paper back and then went to Jester's and got the back issues of the comic that haven't been collected yet. I have one more issue (#45) to get caught up.

It's INCREDIBLE!! It is the best comic that I have read in years. I couldn't put it down.

The storyline is basically about a group of people during a post zombie infestation ala DAWN OF THE DEAD. But it's more than that. The story has characters that you get to know and care about. It's not just zombies eating people. The post apocalyptic zombie thing is just the setting. It is often background to the story.

This is why I have collected comics since 1977. . . . .and I FORGOT! I actually forgot how much fun reading comics that are reaaaallllllyyy good is.

Between Marvel dipping into the toilet tank for stories and ruining Spider-Man, killing Captain America and just slinging out any talentless crap and putting a X-Men title on it to sell, I have never been more inclined to stop the weekly drain on my bank account. DC is little better. Anything that is good gets over used until it's a dried husk of an idea. It's sad.

And now this!!! I actually feel like I will be unable to tolerate the lukewarm Superhero books that I have gathered in abundance for years. I could almost just wait for the movies now!

The WALKING DEAD would be the perfect new series to breath some life back into the HBO schedule. I can't wait for the next WALKING DEAD. Robert Kirkman (writer, creator) you are my new favorite writer.