Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Furs - Back To Earth!

For a more detail . . and disgusting . .recap of the Furs concert, click on the Support Your Local Gunfighter link to the right. As not to join Saddam at the gallows, I have to first express my positive feedback of the concert.

The audience was filled with re acquaintances, Wyatt saw his Quizzo waitress, who despite having met her a half dozen times, had no idea who I was until Wyatt mentioned "This is Badger's brother who got into an fight with the Quizzo guy". . .Then she knew who I was. Better to be infamous than anonymous. I also saw my friend Mike, who I haven't seen in years. I also bumped into an ex-girlfriend from college. After speaking with her for a bit, I explained who she was to my wife and she said "Is that the one that hates you?" YEAH! She was nice enough anyway.

Anywho . .. . The Concert was great. The band (and I say the band because the opening band is dead to me) was playing and having a great time doing it. The saxophone player's return

took me back to the 1985 Spectrum Showcase concert, which is the last time I think they had the saxophone player. . .although he said he left in 1990. Anyway, hit after hit including my fave, Alice's House!

The show was much louder than the Richard Butler solo show at the World Cafe so my shouts for their cover of Virginia Plain went unheard.

As Grimjack pointed out, it's great seeing these guys enjoying themselves up there.

Great Show!

Being more realistic, i had one problem with the show:
Wyatt and Mrs Deathlok were complaining that the crowd was dead. I put part of the blame of that on the Furs. They seemed to be having a great time up there themselves but they never really made any attempt to get the crowd into it. I've seen the Furs so many times that I lost count. The show a few years ago with Echo and the Bunnymen had Richard more engaged with the audience and thus they were more into the show. If you have ever been a Crowded House concert, you could understand. The SHOW is great! The music is great too, but there is a show going on. For example, years ago, I dragged Grimjack to the Elvis Singing Songbook tour. I was probably one of the best shows that I have ever been at. Grim?? I've been to shows where the music was better, but between Elvis walking around picking people to go spin the wheel of songs, putting people in the Go Go cage, and turning on MOONLIGHTING at the bar on stage, it was incredible. But I digress. . . .

Again, the music at the Furs was great. the Sound was great (and based on the ringing in my ears, it is still great). Talking to the sax player was great afterwards. However, I can understand the crowd not jumping around. Finally, it's the Furs. Most of the people there are too old to jumping around. They could throw a hip.

To quote Wyatt at the show "Just because the music is from the 80s, doesn't mean it still is the 80s". in response to the attire and accoutrement at the show.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Before The Furs. . . .

As promised, prior to the Furs appearing on stage, the DJ was kickin' it up with the best dance music that I have heard at a venue in a long time. Wyatt says "This is an awesome song". I said (because I'm a dick), name the band.

"Uuuuuhhhh!" Cue the Jeopardy theme. . . . .

Nothing! So here it is, ladies and gentlemen. . . . .Tones on Tale

Friday, December 29, 2006

Merry Christmas To Me!!


I finally got enough time today to put it together. Okay, I got two of them. When I make the center ice piece, it will take up the whole room. I LOVE IT!!

Of course, that doesn't mean that I go rid of the one I made. . . .

In other Christmas gift news, Kirk is very happy with his gift this year.


This looks AWESOME!!!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

They Are Back!!

Friday Night! They Are Back!! The Psychedlic Furs invade the Philadelphia area again. Unfortunately, this means that Wyatt, Vinnie, Badger and crew will be together to leave their mark as well. . . . .and by "their mark" I mean a vomit stain. Mr. & Mrs. Deathlok will also be on hand. There is also a planned "Ass Kicking" scheduled for the evening.

Now, I ask you. . . .when you say "Badger's girlfriend looks like Harriet the Spy", should that be repeated? Wyatt, you you like to answer that?? I mean, I not the vengeful type, but. . . . .:)Okay, I couldn't even keep a cyber straight face.

Anyway, in my defense I pointed out the although Harriet the Spy conjures images of

I was referring to the Eurotrip "Harriet the Spy"

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

As for the furs, with only last years Richard Butler solo album out, look for an Anthology concert. This summer, we will be looking for more dates than the crappy Texas/New Mexico stint of the Furs playing with Devo (opening band When in Rome). Bring THAT to Philly.)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Explanation Wyatt! Defend Your Race!!

Cops! Is there a cop that is under 5'10" that doesn't have an attitude?? I seek an explanation from Wyatt.

I was driving to work today. . . .late as usual. As I get to the Egg Harbor Toll, I see a NJ State Trooper. So I ease through the EZ Pass and between 15 and 20 MPH.. . .I'm looking at the speedometer. The Toll Booth flashes 43 MPH. So, I'm thinking, here comes a court date.

I continue on and guess who is about 12 carlengths behind me Super Trooper. I keep an eye and stay and 65 MPH. . the speed limit. I'm passing a car here, a car there. Everythings fine. . . . .Then the lights flash.

I pull over. I say "Is there a problem, Officer? I was going the speedlimit."
"I pulled you over because you were driving in the left lane. You are suppose to drive in the right and pass on the left. I followed you for 2 miles and you never left the left lane."

I said, "I know I was gaining on the cars in the middle lane so I stayed in the left lane as opposed to weaving in and out of the lane. I figured that that was safer." (We had already established that I wasn't speeding.)

He asks me where I'm going. I tell him that I'm heading to work. polite. polite. polite. Now, in my mind, I'm thinking "The left lane?? Are you fuckin' kiddin' me??"

He checks me out and gives me a written warning. I say "Thank You Officer. . . .Excuse Me! I want to make sure I got this straight. I should jump back in the right lane after every car I pass even if they are going slower? That weaving in and out of traffic doesn't seem safe to me , but if your telling me to weave in and out of traffic that's fine, it just doesn't seem . . .. ."

"I'm not telling you to weave in and out of cars."

Okay! Just trying to be safe! Thanks for the warning!

What is that about!?! People are whipping passed us and cluttering up the left lean. This guy has to make me later than I am, because I was in the left lane. NOTE: This guy was at least 12 carlengths back or I would have moved over to him by. I WAS passing. I had my seat belt on, my new handfree Bluetooth. How safe do I have to be before this 5'2" Napolean . . . .AAAAAHHHHHHH!!

I have decided that it was probably a new rookie thing. Police Scavenger Hunt! Today you have to pull over a car in the left lane. Tomorrow, you have to pull over a woman with her left turn signal on. Friday is a written warning to someone with a BABY ON BOARD sign in their window.

Wyatt? Rebuttal? Explaination??

But Enough About Me, Let's Talk About Meme

Welcome Back To Me! I got hit with the Meme by Wyatt @ Support Your Local Gunfighter.

The Topic is “6 Weird Things About Me”. Sadly, 5 of Wyatt’s 6 choices are right up my alley. So, in an effort not to be a copy cat, I will put some more thought to this.

1. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Wyatt, chose OCD. Unfortunely, to leave this out would be to have criticism pile upon me from those who know me. After reading Wyatt’s description, however, my OCD manifests in a different way. I suffer from the type of disorder where I get something in my head and I can do nothing else until the problem is solved or the question is answered. I have lost whole nights of sleep because someone has called with a “quick question” that they thought I might know the answer to (as the participle dangles . . . . ). I have been late for things because I was researching something on the internet. For example, years ago my brother, Badger, said “I wish I could find “X” on the internet. “I spent a month looking through every database I could think of (dangle dangle) because I don’t like to say “I couldn’t do that”. This also accounts to the many surgeries and scar tissue lace along my body. Athletic . . . . .not so much!

2. Comics. I’m gonna take the approach that the 6 things don’t have to be negative. . . .necessarily. With that I give you my comic book collection. Weird? Well, I have been collecting comics since 1975. It has come a long way. It is no longer makes you the Pyrriah it did when I was in highschool. Talk about a reason to have someone kick your ass. My house is riddled with comic memorabilia from my family room to my bedroom. But the basement is comic concentrate. More concentrated than the most potent Melange (Dune reference). Fortunately, I was able to maintain this addiction and still trap someone into marrying me. Keen.

3. I Love Sugar Cereal. During the course of my 43 years, I will wager that I have eaten 90% of all cereal ever on the market. Growing up, my mother would buy whatever cereal was on sale, so when new cereals are introduced you can get them on sale. Corn Pops? Honey Smacks? That’s crazy talk. Sugar Pops! Super Sugar Crisp. I’ve had Frosted Krispies back when the nepotism at Kellogg’s had Tony Junior as the sponsor. Some of my favorite cereals are/were Quisp, Quake, KaBoom, the short lived Cap’n Crunch’s ‘Nilly Crunch . . .. mmmm Vanilla Goodness! And Freakies! Of course you can never go wrong with Cocoa Krispies, Sugar Pops and Apple Jacks! My molecular structure is 79.4% sugar.

4. I retain the knowledge of the weirdest things. I have a brain that works in the most unusual way. I spent a lot of my youth (did you say youts?) in front of the television. Having older siblings, I remember music and events from when I was very little. My brain is completely full of useless information. There is no room for any new information. I can’t remember people’s names. I am uninterested in learning anything new at work. I am going to New York in January to audition for some VH1 Pop Culture Trivia contest.

5. I teach religious education and, in general, I hate people. I generally consider myself a nice person. I am always up for helping people. I have spent he better part of the last two months trying to sell my Mother-In-Laws house for her. I get nothing from this except that if we sell it quickly, she moves in with us for a few months. This is bad for me and a probable end to my marriage, but considering she lives three doors away from a Meth lab (which I think is considered within the blast radius), I have been trying to get her out. Everybody that I encounter is a thorn in my ass. I hate people the light up their phones in the movies, I hate people that try and get in the elevator before the people in it can get out (that’s a physics faux pas). I go in every Thrusday night and teach love and understanding, but I have come to believe that most people are devoid of either.

6. For #6, I had to steal a few ideas from others. In this case, Tyler. It involves sleep. I would say that I NEVER sleep through the night. However, one night last week, I woke up and it was morning and I felt rested. I honestly cannot remember the last time that happened. The only time I sleep through the night is if I’m ill and medicated or drunk. Neither affords the rest you need. My mind often races at night while I ponder things, the dog wakes me up or a light from the VCR or down the hall wakes me (as my eyes don’t close all the way when I sleep. . .My wife says . . . “Creepy!”.

Okay, that’s it for me I guess I will tag Grimjack, Zippy, Token Asian (AKA 80sGirl), Dragonlady, JT and RadioGnome. . . .Sorry Gnome!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Shirts vs Skins

Today on the IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base), it was reported that the company behind “GIRLS GONE WILD” has been fined $1.6 million dollar fine for filming two underage girls. That sounds bad. It doesn’t sound as bad when the story goes on to say that the show offered T-shirts in exchange for two drunken 17 year olds to show their breasts.

1. How come the girls were arrested for admitting that they were drinking under age?
2. Supposedly, they lied about their age.
3. I find it a contradiction that a drunk driver, or a drunk guy that gets into a fight, is still considered responsible for his. . . or her . . . actions, but young girls getting all trashed and doing things that they regret aren’t held accountable. It’s not like these guys tore their shirts off. If I can get girls to show their breasts for the price of a cheap T-Shirt. I am all for it. I have had many a time (as I’m sure most of you have) where I woke up and thought “Wow, I was really drunk! I wish I hadn’t done some of the things that I remember.”
4. I know this guy that was so drunk that he defiled syrup in a restaurant. . . .but that’s a different story.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bad Choices!!

This past December 9th, I had tickets to the Flyers. It was a painful experience. To add to my pain, I had to give up the chance to see my favorite musician in the world (except for the Peatbog Faeries of course). I found this clip on Utube to show just how bad my choice was.

Linda, hopefully, this will sit better than the 'Dolls!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Toy Doll For Christmas

The Toy Dolls:

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Death Be Not Proud!!


I just got a call last night from the Doctor (Badger), the death of my computer is greatly exaggerated. The reinstall took and there was no loss of data.

Now the scary part. . . .

Tomorrow night, my wife has to pick it up at my Mom's house and drive it home. I AM AFRAID! VERY AFRAID!

Monday, December 11, 2006

A Death In The Family

After a long and suffering illness, my computer has died.

About a month ago, I got the "Blue Screen of Death" which by definition is generally not good. I rebboted and ran the Symantec fix-up as instructed. It wouldn't let me reinstall my Norton security. I eventually went with the FREE comcast MCAFEE to do a work around. . . . .no no Not a Reach Around. It wouldn't let me put that on there either.

So with no security measures, I confident that BearShare won't allow any viruses in while I try and download my way to being caught up on PRISON BREAK.

At this point, my computer is doing it best impersonation of the Construction Worker from Bugs Bunny, "I'm Feelin' Mighty Sloooow!" Not to be confused with the Construction Worker from The Village People who would be Feeling Something else entirely.

Enter the Doctor, My Brother and friend to Wyatt, the Badger, came over yesterday to fix my computer. "It's Not Dead! It's just really sick!"

After several hours of burrowing in cyberspace, Badger "proclaimed "NOW! It's Dead!"
Fortunately, like any good Mad Scientist, taking the corpse back to your private lab is all that is needed.

So now I wait at home computerless and forlorn.

On a bright note, I am able to post something today because my boss is out all week.
I posted something a few days ago, but it was long and the site glitched it into non existence. I merely gave the computer the finger and walked away.

So, How is everyone???