Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stats - Yeah!! I Did It!

I did it! I figured out how to post the stats on the blog. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Sure, it's a nice feeling to know that people want to stop in and read your blog. But, it is far better to force people to come to the site. If I can force the FHL General Managers to go to the blog for their stats, I can jack my viewership exponentially. In fact, this gives me an idea. If the member of Team Sean will give me a list of invitees to his wedding, I can post it on the Blog and everyone will have to to the blog to see if they are invited. AND THEY CAN COMMENT/RSVP. I'll catch Wyatt's site meter total in no time.

Anyway, above are the stats as of 3/21/07. For those just viewing the sacred tome that is the FHL spreadsheet, a moment of explanation.

The FHL is a fantasy hockey league. Bloggers such as Wyatt, Grimjack and Badger are among the team owners. There is also Vinnie (see Modo) and Deathlok (self) (see Pinchy), Wyatt's Brother-In-Law (Fish). Lock, Rob, OtherKev, Team Sean and Ant (the token Canadian for the league). The logos are supplied by the Commish (also me).

Logo Report
Pinchy - Pinchy is almost always Pinchy. The Pinchy logo leaves when he can't bare to be associated with the team anymore.

Badger - Badger Sleep Balm goes to the 6th position. Although Badger's team has perked up a little lately and could soon be due for a better "Badgery" logo.

OtherKev - 4th place is respectable, but Mr Butts has a Health and Safety warning for slipping any lower considering the once lofty 1st place position.

Ant - Ant picked up my dog, You all know Kirk, as his back up goalie. I believe it's because he wanted a matching pair of dog goalies. However, being in 6th, Kirk left and was replaced by Boba, his own dog.

Lock - Normally, the 1st place guy gets the pick of his logo. However, do to lack of interest this year, I have changed his logo to Neuticals. Don't know what they are?? Google it!

Modo - Modo should always have a yakking logo, but after last years "I lost because I touched the money" debacle, this logo is almost too good for him. Keep in mind an additional $5 (sidebet) will be charged to Modo if doesn't rank at least 7th.

Fish - A strong fish for strong play. If you expand the logo you will notice that it says "Got Milt". Now that is strong!! Milt?? Google it!

Rob - Rob has already take a second job to pay the $60 for last place. However, he may be $5 to the good if he can jump that 8 point gap and catch Wyatt.

Team Sean - It's two. . .two . . .two Sean's in one. However, with a steady 7th place, the best they can hope for logowise is that they have graduated from Sean Young to Shaun from Wallace and Gromit.

Wyatt - What is That?? Sharpshooter? Try a potato shooter. To quote Killface, "You don't have to shoot ALL the potatoes. 10th?? I guess he'll blame this on being sick too.

Grimjack - As a new Grandfather. . . heh. . . .Grim was bouncing around in the middle for a while. Now at a comfy 9th, the sad and confused old Granpa starts calling in scouting reports for next year.


At 9:20 PM, Anonymous linda said...

I know what neuticals are--you didn't do that to Kirk, did you? heh The rest is Greek!

At 12:13 AM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

My. Team. Blows!


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