Monday, February 13, 2006

Movie Review

The Oscars are swiftly approaching. Amongst the fervor of Cold Back Mountain (Broke Back Mountain. . . .but with Nicole Kidman in it), MUNICH (everytime I see this title, I feel the need to watch MIRACLE again), Cinderella Man and the other hopefuls, there will be one movie that goes unnoticed.

The funniest movie of the year (and quite frankly the funniest movie that I can recall ever seeing) should get SOME recognition. I speak of none other than THE ARISTOCRATS.
For anyone that says "Aaahhh, nothing offends me!" I defy you to not be offended at something in this movie. Having said that, it was hysterical. Countless comedian talking about and performing this joke had tears literally streaming down my face. In my opinion, the movie should win the Oscar for Best Editing. To see these comedians was funny. However, the way it was spliced together made the movie.

Prepare yourself to be offended. Gear yourself up so that you won't be disgusted and horrified. Watch yourself fail in the attempt. . . .. and then laugh. The DVD is now out and playing on a loop whenever the kids aren't home. The additional stuff is longer than the movie and just as funny.

For anyone who has never heard of this movie, I'll try and paint a Monet-esque picture. It's a documentary about a joke that is told amongst other comedians. The average Joe has never heard this joke. It's like a comedians inner sanctum ritual. It the most foul and taboo riddled joke that you will ever hear. The objective for the comedians is to outdo each other and try to out offend each other.

Ever see FULL HOUSE! Bob Sagat will change the way you look at that show forever. Best Actor - Bob Sagat. Best Supporting Actor - Gilbert Godfrey Best Actress - Sarah Silverman. . . . .