Friday, October 19, 2007

Half A Minute

Sure, I'm still stressing out about whether to take to new job when it gets officially offered. Sure, I had to go on travel to Aberdeen and watch an airplane get blown up (awesome). Sure, my son went from being sick to go to the hospital and getting diagnosed with Bacterial Pneumonia. Sure, my workload at the office is akin to a guy in a Medieval Pressing Torture (another weight please). The question is why haven't you been blogging.

Despite the above. . . and prior to the knowledge of my son Reilly being diagnosed, last weekend we went to the Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos. We haven't been on a vacation in forever, so we paid my niece to come and stay with the dog and we went. Despite Reilly not feeling well, we all had a great time. We all shared a room with my friend Lori and here son.

Great Wolf is an indoor water park. It had all sort of water rides for kids of all ages. A stand that sold very nice margaritas, and various other activities for the family. It had a wave pool for the kids and enough chlorine to kill off anything you might be afraid of.

The adult highlights, besides the bar, were a triple set of slides the actually left the building and deposited you back in the building (see above). Great for racing. My daughter and her best friend and I did that most of the day while the Mom's and the boys did various stuff around the hotel.

Although a close race for what was better, my choice for second coolest thing was the slide/rollercoaster. If you click on the picture above, you can get a better view. It's the blue tubes. If you look toward the back on the left you can see where it begins. It was a real raft similar to this:

It is on a series of moving belts and water slide tubes and it flew. It was a blast.

Again, close, but my favorite slide was what we called the Toilet.

This dropped you very quickly into the big round green and yellow bowl you see in the picture. You swirled around a couple of times and then you gou flushed down another chute. I was never so happy to feel like crap.

If you are looking for something different to do with kids, I recommend this.


At 9:14 PM, Blogger RT said...

That looks like a really fun time!

I'm glad the boy is feeling better.

At 12:38 AM, Anonymous linda said...

Kids of all ages, eh? Indoor water park--interesting idea. Too bad Reilly wasn't feeling good. I hope he's much better now. Looks like a fun place.

Sorry about the stress. We all suffer from some form of it! Some more than others!

At 6:00 PM, Blogger qofd said...

Whatever. Not posting because you're busy pshaw.

Cool park though! So... is it open year-round?

At 10:20 PM, Blogger Deathlok said...



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