Saturday, August 11, 2007

Here I Am - Part II

So, the weekend went well.

As for work, the end of the fiscal year is approaching and that means two things. . .Lots of work and all the overtime you can eat. They prefer Comp Time but working Comp Time is against my religion. $$$$ please!! So, I'm busy! what else do ya got! Oh, There is no a promotion announcement out that closes on the 22nd. I'll put that into my schedule. We'll add some training into the mix and a few "You gotta go to this meeting" requirements. Stressed but still with you. A sprinkle of new boss (a new gauntlet, but that I can handle). Got all that? Okay, it's story time.

Before my old boss left . . and by left, I mean lateraled into another position just to get the Hell out, we had a meeting.

Boss: "Management want a quick count on who would be interested in taking a trip to the Constitution Center."
Deathlok: "Where the Liberty Bell is in Philadelphia" Constitution Center?
Boss: Yes
Deathlok: . . Like a field trip?
Boss: Yeah!
Deathlok: Do we need our Parents to sign a permission slip?
Boss: (A Look . . Turns attention to the group) I just need a quick count to report back who is interested.
Deathlok: When is it?
Boss: Sometime in October.
Deathlok: After the fiscal year?
Boss: Yes!
Deathlok: Can we drive there?
Boss: No!
Deathlok: So I have to drive for 30 minutes to take a bus for an hour to Philadelphia and then take another hour ride home so I can drive for another 30 minutes home.
Boss: Yes.
Deathlok: Do I get paid for the day? I'm in!

Flash forward to this week.

The secretary sends out an email. "I need a final count for the trip to the Constitution Center on Aug 29th."

WHAT! Like right in the center of fiscal crunch?? To quote Ripley for ALIENS "Did IQ suddenly drop while I was away!"

My new boss sends out an email after several negative responses saying "Management organized this trip and I expect everyone to go." NOTE: A promotion is lingering.

I'm In! Stupid! Asinine! Yet, I'm In!

And yet despite the fact that I haven't started my Promotion package, I'm blogging!

Bonus Footage:
Mrs. Deathlok and I have been tag teaming the new Harry Potter book and we are a mere 60 pages from the finish. With my luck, just before the end the monster stack of comics that are piling up will fall over and kill me.


At 4:15 PM, Blogger skywriter said...

Gotta love it. My personal favorite. I was at this QMS train the trainer thing. . and someone much lower than I, GS level wise, but in charge of this little session. . yelled at me because my team had missed a net meeting. I replied. "Well you first informed us of the net meeting 30 minutes AFTER it was concluded:.

Her reply "well you should have planned better!"

Good luck on the promotion. I just finished one of those packages and they're never fun.

At 10:14 PM, Blogger Deathlok said...

Oddly enough, my exboss was a "Train the Trainer". As funny as that is, it sadly doesn't suprise me after 22 years of Gubmint service.

At 9:50 AM, Anonymous grimjack said...

Dude- we are all paying for this field trip with our taxes, aren't we.

Can you sneak away for lunch?

At 8:29 PM, Blogger skywriter said...

I had a big poster up in my office. . . where I was the POR for all of that. It showed the Titanic and was labeled "THE RMS Titatic". I crossed out RMS and wrote QMS. The auditors, thank goodness. . loved it and made copies of it.

And despite what Wyatt said. . I nave never beaten a TSA employee ever. . except once when we had the TSA, FAA, FBI bowling tournament to raise money for the Food bank, and we whooped them fair and square.

At 5:23 PM, Blogger Deathlok said...

TSA apparantly does not like us FAAers. My badge might as well say "Please cavity search"


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