Saturday, August 18, 2007

Forever In Debted!!

Well. . .at least for 5 years!

Yes, It is finished! Today we put Mrs. Deathlok's car to rest. The passed two weeks have been not kind when it comes to vehicles. Mrs. D car, a 1997 Stratus, was acting a bit wonky, so it was time to have it tune up a bit. Last year we had the transmission fixed and all went well, in not expensive. So, trying to reduce the statistical crap shoot that have your car fixed is if you don't have a "reliable guy", we took it back there.

I told the guy "Look it over and let me know if it's worth it." He does and tells me that for $1,400 it needs to have the engine mounts tightened (which I knew, but have been putting off) and the Carburetor. . .or Catalytic Converter. . .one of those C parts. . . With that it shouldn't need any MAJOR work for two years. I say "DO IT!"

The car was not running properly and after a week , I took it back and told him that the car was running like crap. Oxygen sensor and some other blah blah blah will was found for a mere $400 additional. In for a penny, in for $1,800 as I always say. Last Thursday (Temperature 100 degrees), I get a call at my desk.
"I'm in the hospital parking lot and the car won't start."
"Let me hear it. . .hold on! (dial dial)
"Mark (my brother), hold on! Okay, hold the phone up. Try and start it. . . .What's wrong with it?"

Because nothing says vehicle diagnostics like a teleconference. "It's not getting any fuel."

So the Transmission Place tows it back after an irate phone call. The next day, he tells me that the fuel pump went. . . "A completely different problem." Price $600.
Well my pants are already off, so . . . Sure!! We pick the car up that night. Finally. . . . .or is it.

The next day, I'm back at work. . . .as ya do (nod to Eddie Izzard). . "I just broke down with Reilly (son) in the car and it won't start again. Repeat towing above.

The next day, I call "What's wrong with it now?" "I don't know!" "I DON'T KNOW!! It keeps blowing a fuse. There seems to be a short somewhere, but I not real good with that." WHY WOULD YOU TELL YOU CUSTOMER THAT??

So, I took off my patient hat.

Look, you have $2500 of my money and my car that doesn't work. Do something and get that car working long enough for me to trade it in!"

The next day (after a trip to his cousin's place) we got the car back.

Well, at least I have $2500 to put down on a new. . . . .wha??. . .Oh. Well, I got a reliable ca. . . . . .hmmm. . . . .dag.

So the rest of this week was filled with car shopping. After test driving a few cars (because, despite what some people think, you can't go by seeing a picture of it in the paper), we settled on the Mercury Milan.

It is not the one from the picture, but she made a great decision and I believe that she will be happy with this car. Hopefully, we'll get 11 years out of it like we did with the Stratus.


At 9:13 PM, Blogger RT said...

Congratulations! It's purty! I'm still upset about having to get a new car when mine would have been paid off in a couple of months (a year early, too). I was getting the same repair pattern.

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Queen of Dysfunction said...

OMG, don't you just love that feeling of "Well, I'm already in for $1,200 dollars so I might as well spring for $400 more"?

Glad to hear she has a new car that she's going to be happy with.

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

Good stuff! Hope she likes it!

At 10:59 AM, Blogger zippychik said...

Geez, I feel your pain. Who hasn't been there? I wish your wife good luck with the new car!

At 4:51 PM, Anonymous linda said...

I haven't enjoyed that new car smell for a long time!


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