Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hemorrhage Hills

So, Wyatt had his say about the outing. . . .and the hat. It seems that he his foursome had quite a time.

As for me, the weekend was good. The golf. . . not so much. Let's just say that game one's score was closer to Wyatt's first game. . . .if you added the second game in. The second game (and here I have to agree that being hungover must improve the game) I was having a fairly good game, but two of the foursome left with 4 holes to go so we all packed it in. As my shoulder is begging for re-reconstruction, that may have been a good thing.

My usual foursome consists of my two friends from highschool (I think it's just out of habit for them at this point) and Grimjack. However, Grimjack brought his own foursome this year (threesome, it turned out) so my friend Jim brought his brother, Bob.

First the lowlights of the weekend:
1. The subtraction of Grimjack was a shame. As his familial duties (and my own) have reduced our free time, it would have been nice.

2. On the bigger scale, there were a lot of people at the weekend that I wanted to chat with and didn't get the chance. The real shame was that most of them were in the same room. I think at some point my legs stopped working.

3. The fact that I remember leaving the bar, but don't remember actually going to my room has me thinking. The last thing that I remember is my roommate, Joe (a pharmacist), saying "Here! Taste this new date rape drug!" Before leaving the bar, I vaguely remember juggling billiard balls with Fish. . . .and apparently he never made it to his room. I must have made him want to practice.

4. It was freezing!! I would've given (not my hat) a pitcher a gimlets for some of Wyatt's excess . . . . .well, his excess. The second day was supposed to be warmer so I wore shorts. OUCH! It did give the cartgirl the opportunity to comment that she liked my tattoo. . . . .and my hat. That warmed me up.

HIGHLIGHTS - No NO! Not the Timbertoes Highlights! These:

1. $1 - Nothing pleases me more than winning $1 bet. As I was teeing off, a family of geese were crossing the fairway. In other words, they were safe. Jim, bet me $1 that I could couldn't hit one. My second shot was over a hill and right into a gooses ass. Although jim renigged on the $1, Bob felt the shot deserved the payoff.

2. They didn't run out of Guinness this year. 'Nuff Said!

3. Overall, it was a great trip. It's nice to get away. As one of my two annual golf trips, I am now set until the Man's Weekend Golf game.


At 4:00 PM, Anonymous linda said...

It sounds like a miracle that all of you made it home! Are we sure about Fish?

Be very, very good to your wives!

At 1:15 AM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

I remember you and Fish juggling balls. (Heh.) That was my cue to go to bed.

Oh, and "excess?" Nice.

At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 6:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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