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Blog Story - Role Call

I printed out the story in MS Word and it now fills 10 pages. WOW! So, as things progress, I thought I would try and capture the list of characters that have been introduced. My fellow writers, please let me know if I am inaccurate in the following profiles or if their is a difference of opinion. There are three main grouping of characters; The Company, The Police and The Feds. Here goes:

The Company - An apparent secret organization involved in recruiting people for and undisclosed project.
Winchell - first name unknown. Also known as Winch. Winch works for The Company and has been chosen for a "special project".
Jackie - A woman that works with Winchell. They have partnered up to try and locate a missing colleague. Also works for The Company.
Mikal Rosakoff - The missing colleague
Amalee/Andrea - Working for, or hired by, the Company, Amalee is a mysterious character who is also Andrea, Mikal's ex-wife. She is a killer/operative. How the Amalee characters or persona are related in unknown. Code Name: Darkhorse
Supervisor X - Possibly Winchell's boss or someone high up in The Company. Appears to be the Supervisor for the Special Projects team. Nothing else is known.
"201" - Unnamed Company Operative assumed to be higher up than Alderson. It's who Alserson reports to.
Dirk - Works with Amalee. Killer? Tactical? Wheelman? Lackey? Works for, is is hired by, The Company.
Jack & Jim - Two hitmen. They enjoy their work. Nothing else is known.

Detective Gordon - A Philadelphia Detective. First day on Homicide.
Detective Simmons - Work on the floor above Gordon.
Detective Schlitzman - Another Philadelphia Detective
Detective Murray - Philadelphia should have so many Detectives

LT Ambler - Work for an undisclosed military or Government entity. Is performing surveillance on Rosakoff or The Company. Involved in the "Sureshot Protocol".
Col. Hart - Ambler's superior.
"Mister" Firestone - works with Ambler and Hart. It is unclear whether he is part of their organization or not, but he appears to outrank Col. Hart.
Alderson - A Government Operative keeping tabs on the Police and their involvement with the Company. Uses disguises.
"Cabbie" - Unnamed Character. Driving Alderson around in a cab. Also a Government Operative.

Mrs Patterson - Deceased neighbor of Mikal Rosakoff.

The only change I made to the story was to a "THE" in front on the discussion about Mikal's exwife "Since she now had her perfect husband, THE 2 kids, and white picket fence. . . ." The makes the kids ambiguous as to who's kids they are.

Writers - Please review and comment


At 9:40 AM, Blogger Deathlok said...

After reading (studying) the story last night. I came up with this explanation to you point which is absolutely correct.
"Amalee was on a contract for the Resistance to take out someone working for the COMPANY. RT had Amalee going back to the COMPANY. Unless she's a double agent we're are in trouble.
What if she is Prototype WRKRB-E09. It could be a possible explanation for the dual personae.

Also, I didn't see anything specifically said that the Resistance and the Company were on opposite sides. Theoretically, the Resistance could be driven by the Company?


At 11:01 AM, Blogger momster said...

That helps a lot. Thanks, I like where its going. I only had to make a few minor changes on my next entry so if its ok here it is.

Detective Gordon shook his head as the elderly man shuffled off in the direction he had sent him.
“Damn shame when an old guy can’t even walk the streets without some punk messin with him he thought as he grabbed his coffee cup, raised it to his lips to get a drink, only to find that it was empty.
“I don’t remember finishing it.,” he thought as he got up and walked down the hall to the officers break room to refill his cup.
The break room was empty when he got there and so was the coffee pot. Gordon muttered darkly to himself another asshole that couldn’t be bothered to make a fresh pot when they took the last cup. He quickly filled the pot with water, measured out the grounds, and in short order a pot was brewing, filling the room with the aroma of fresh coffee.
“At least they buy the good stuff here. The last place was hardly better than pencil shavings,” he muttered to himself.
Sipping his freshly filled cup, he made his way back to his desk, sat down, and reached for the file on the Mikal shooting. Only it wasn’t there. Frowning the detective stood up and started searching the top of his desk. Not finding what he wanted he began pulling his drawers open and searching them then slamming them shut. He looked under his desk. No file was to be found, and the box of evidence was gone. Detective Gordon was on his hands and knees, his head under his desk when a cheery voice rang out.
“What did you loose, your virginity?” the voiced laughed.
Startled, Gordon raised his head quickly, smacking it on the under side of his desk. Rubbing his head he stood up and glared and the detective before him.” Very funny Murray. No I didn’t loose my oh never mind I left a file on my desk and a box of evidence under it. Did you see any one take them?”
“Sure someone from evidence came and picked everything up a few minutes ago. He said you authorized it” Detective Murray replied.
“Damn “Gordon exploded, “I never told any one to pick it up. Do you know who it was?”
“Some new guy, never saw him before, said he just started.”
Shaking his head in disgust, Gordon opened his desk drawer un-holstered his service weapon and glared at Murray, “just how long have you been a cop?”
“Up yours “Murray said and stormed off as Gordon headed down to the evidence locker in hopes of finding the man who had taken his file and box and getting it back.
All the way down the elevator, Gordon cursed himself for leaving the evidence unguarded but hell it’s a police station. It should have been safe there. Getting out of the elevator, he made his way down to the evidence locker. As he opened the door to the room filled with boxes and boxes from all the crimes on going, cold as well as closed, he saw three men. Two of the men were standing by the loading dock where a dirty white paneled van was parked with its rear door open. The third man was holding what appeared to be Gordon’s missing evidence.
Gordon stopped and yelled, “Hey what do you think your doing?”
The three men stopped and Jack turned to Gordon and smiled, “its ok officer, we have authorization to turn the evidence over to the your superiors.”
“On whose authority? I never heard anything.” Gordon continued.
“Don’t you hate it when they keep you in the dark? I have the paper work right here.” Jack replied evenly.
Gordon began walking toward Jack his hand on his holster. “OK show me.”
Jack thought darkly to himself, I’ll show you all right, and then he spoke "Sure no worries its right here.”
Jack reached into his pocket but instead of the papers, he pulled out a Sigma .380 and fired. The bullet struck Gordon square in the chest. Fortunately, the bullet struck his ST Christopher medal and was deflected into his shoulder. Gordon dropped to his knees, his gun falling to the floor. He slumped over on his side blood beginning to pool around him on the concrete as he watched Jack walk over to him gun still pointing at him.”
“See what you made me do?” Jack asked”and they told me not to kill anyone but you had to be a good cop and couldn’t leave things well enough alone. Just then, Gordon coughed and bloody bubbles slipped past his pale lips.
“Got you in the lung did I, well how about I just put you out of your misery.”
Jack prepared to fire the gun again when they heard the elevator door open down the hall.
The inside man panicking ran over to Jack and grabbed his arm, “Look you said it your self. You hit his lung, he’s a goner. Lets get out of here before you have to shoot someone else.”
Jack brushed the mans’ hand off his arm and looked down at Gordon who was beginning wheeze and cough.
“Ok your right, he is as good as dead. Lets blow this dump. What are you going to tell them you know about “Jack asked waving his gun in Gordon‘s direction.
“No problem I was out in the alley having a smoke when I came back he was down, nothing I could do, never heard a thing, never saw who did it.”
Jack and Jim finished loading the evidence into the van and quickly drove away. The accomplice left the evidence locker by the same route and walked up the alley to establish his alibi. Pulling his mp3 player out of his pocket, he stuffed the buds into his ears and cranked up the tunes. Pulling a cigarette out of his other pocket, he quickly began to inhale deeply and quickly. He would need to have at least four cigarettes smoked to provide him with long enough alibi for the shooting.
Gordon lay on the concrete floor in the evidence room. His blood pumping slowly out of his body. He could hear people talking in the hallway, they were laughing. Gordon prayed they would come in and find him. He didn’t want to die. Not here, not today, not on his first day as a homicide detective.
He tried to call out but no sound passed his bloody lips.

At 12:32 PM, Blogger Old NFO said...

Alderson and the cabby are Gov't operatives. I should have made that clearer...

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Captain America said...

Excellent job. Definitely need an editor to keep the story coherent. One question...Where's Wyatt?

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Deathlok said...

He's eatin' a celery stalk somewhere. . . skinny bastard/.

At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Jim said...

You left out Winchell's co-worker Jackie.

At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Jim said...

No, you didn't. I just missed it the first three times I read it. Whoops.


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