Friday, May 16, 2008

One Game At A Time!

Flyers vs Penguins - Game 4

The wife and I went to the game last night and it did not disappoint. The teams motto of "One Game At A Time" seemed like the rantings of a team setting an early tee time. But No! One Game! That's what it was. And they dominated. DOMINATED!

You would never know that Hatcher has a broken leg. He's pretty damn awesome! For getting thrown into a high profile game, Ryan Parent didn't look at of place. Even Thorosen, who was scratched the last two, showed why he should be there instead of Steve Downie. We won't see him again this year.

The kill the Penguins picture seemed like fun so we went for it. And, yes, if you look closely, you will see face paint on both of us. what ever works! They won!!. . . and won BIG! AND. . .I got Mrs. D to spring for funnelcake. Yummy!

Game 5 will supposedly bring the return of Timonen AND Coburn. The bad news is that my golf weekend tee time is at 2:00 on Sunday with the Flyers at 3:00. The good news is that my hand hurts so bad after picking up the sand filter (which weighs exactly 15 lb more than I can lift), so I will probably be drinking at the bar (or Hooters) watching the game.


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