Monday, March 31, 2008

The Last Week!

With but a scant few games left in the regular season the playoff picture is coming into focus. Here are some highlights.

1. Tomorrow night, Carolina takes on Washington. This could be the most exiting playoff game this season. The winner of this could theoretically send the other home for the season. Other than that, both Carolina and Washington play Tampa and Florida for their last two games. Both Florida teams are playing for a better draft pick, so tomorrow nights game should be worth watching.

2. The Flyers want to play for a playoff spot, but also want to play for position. Right now, they are set to play Pittsburgh. They want to move up to 7th and draw Montreal. Koivu is reportedly one of three key players who could be out for the first round. The Flyers want to stay right where they are at.

3. Unfortunately, Edmonton’s big push looks to be for naught. Unless Vancouver AND Calgary shit the bed this week, the won’t make the playoffs. SHAME! They looked good and could have been interesting to see in the post season.

4. If the matches stay the as is, the best series so far looks to be Colorado/Minnesota. Colorado will win Game 1. Once Forsberg gets hurt, the Wild could take it in 5.

5. If Washington can beat out Boston for the last spot, the match up of the best player in the league (male) and the best player in the league (female) would make the Washington/Pittsburgh another good series to watch.


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