Saturday, March 01, 2008

Begin The Dance

NOTE: Don't click play with the kiddies present.

With the pressures of the new job, the cast that has me treating Percocet like Lunesta and my pool leaking like a sieve (soon to be replaced at the tune of roughly $1000), this song has been going through my head lately.

I believe that the cast is coming off on Tuesday. If you are in the NJ/PA area on Tuesday afternoon and you catch a whiff of something foul, you will know that my arm has been released from its chrysalis.


At 11:23 AM, Blogger RT said...

If I smell anything in NJ, it is one of the landfills/treatments'll just blend in with it all. ;P

Hope all goes well for you.

I'd say good song, but that sounded like Warren Zevon and well, his shite was frakked up. Poor guy.

Get well, and I hope the stress tempers a bit. :)


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