Sunday, December 02, 2007

Enchanted? Oh, Yeah!!!

Last night, Mrs. D and I took my son to see ENCHANTED! Actually, My son and my wife took me to see ENCHANTED! ENCHANTED is the new release from Disney starring. . . . . .AMY ADAMS!
Sure, I'm not real vocal about my like for Amy Adams , but she is some kind of alright.

The movie was very good. It was well put together (like Amy Adams) and we were all laughing at points throughout the movie. Sure, the plot is just a rehash of older Disney flicks, but James Marsden and Amy Adams both played their parts so well that they were almost indistinguishable from their Disney Cartoon Counterparts.

The Entertainment Weekly article says that this movie establishes Amy Adams as a star. Personally, I would think that winning the Oscar for Junebug would have established Amy Adams
as a star.

When this movie comes out on DVD, it may have to go in my "Special" Collection.


At 7:23 PM, Blogger RT said...

Why did the words "special" collection elicit an "EWWWWWWWW!" from me? Ewwwwwww.


At 8:16 AM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

Could you possibly get any more pictures of Amy Adams in this post?

At 10:13 AM, Blogger Deathlok said...

To quote Muffasah, "Is That A Challenge?"

At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Amy Adams (no photo inserted!) did not win an Oscar for Junebug, she was only nominated, which is just as good as winning if you ask Hollywood stars (yeah, right!!). Also, your "special collection" brings to mind all sorts of things, none of which are pleasant....


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