Thursday, July 05, 2007


This week has been movie central.

I got to go out Tuesday night and see Live Free or Die Hard. I followed this up with yesterday's Dad, Son and Nephew day at the Transformers movie.

Die Hard
Anyone that asks if it is as good as the first one should just stop. You can't top the first one. That hasn't been done since ALIENS and Toy Story 2 . . .and never with the fourth in a series. Anyway, the movie was fun. It was VERY over the top and less believable than the first. Although, unlike the second film, he doesn't eject from a plane that has a hard top, non-removable canopy, so you have that going for you. Advise: Go and have a good time with it. Try not to notice the TRUE LIES plagiarism or the MATRIXy chases, Ignore the fact that in the year 2007, nobody has a car that has automatic headlights (you will understand when you see it).

One of the problems I had with the movies in general was that I think that when you have a series, you should stay within your established ratings. LIVE FREE is PG13 and it is obvious that they changed the rating. I mention this only because when SCARY MOVIE 3 went to PG-13, my daughter saw it and then was giving me shit because she couldn't see the first two.

Deathlok's rating
LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD - 3 Cross hairs out of 5

If you go to this please notice that 93.2% of the audience is male. The rest is reluctant female. Not a real big Transformer aficionado, I planned on a movie where "a lot of stuff blowed up in it". It didn't disappoint. The R-Rated INVASION trailer bothered me (a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers . . .another problem with the movies in general). After watching the Transformers movie, I was surprised that:
1. The movie was aimed at a slightly older crowd. My son and my nephew enjoyed it, but they didn't quite get it all and they don't know more that 3 Transformers by name. Since they are the crowd that will be asking Santa for the Transformers toys this Christmas, I thought that they would have aimed for them. Oh Well, it will save me money. And since I have already spent all mine on Ghost Rider And Fantastic four toys for Reilly, that's a good thing. (YES! For Reilly!!)
2. I was amazed that no one suffered an epileptic fit during the movie. The action is fast and intense. But, as I watching the movie, I start thinking to myself. I get what's going on, but I don't think that I'm actually seeing it. My one iris is still twitching.
Despite that, all three of us enjoyed the movie. It was fun and dumb. There were parts of the movie that reminded me of LIVE FREE, which I found weak considering that they came out the same day.

Deathlok's rating
LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD - 3 Cross hairs out of 5

Non Movie Rating

I have also spent the better part of the week watching the entire season of SHOWTIME's DEXTER. GREAT SHOW! Season 2 starts in September and the wife and I are looking forward to it. I told my brother about it and he and his wife watched all 12 episodes in two days. We are also almost finished the first season of WEEDS. This is another show that I highly recommend. For those of you, like myself, that signed up to COMCAST's Triple Play and now have Showtime - Get on Demand and Get Watchin'! The Tudors is also one of the better shows on Television, but I watching that as it was on so I didn't need the On DEMAND service for that! MUCH better than the SOPRANOS. HBO, you are in trouble.

Deathlok's rating
DEXTER - 4 1/2 Cross hairs out of 5
WEEDS - 4 Cross hairs out of 5
TUDORS - 4 1/2 Cross hairs out of 5


At 5:44 PM, Blogger RT said...

I'm thinking of going to see Live Free. Thanks for the review. :)

At 12:30 AM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

Agreed. I'm seeing Transformers this weekend (hopefully).

At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Vincent_Antonelli said...

Transformers: I'm going 4 gimlets out of 5.

Kids' quote (including Jeff, who is quite the movie buff): "Best movie I ever saw!"

At 9:09 AM, Blogger zippychik said...

I'm up for any Bruce Willis film where they don't make him wear a cheesy hairpiece. That man has a b*thchin' head!

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous linda said...

"toys for Reilly"--SURE they are! ha


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