Thursday, June 07, 2007

Did You Have A Duck In The Pool??

Congratulations to the Anaheim Ducks for Winning the Stanley Cup! The playoffs were very exiting this year. The first year that they are not MIGHTY prooves that they are. Unfortunately, Ottawa seemed to fade during the Finals. As with most years, as I wait for the Draft and Free Agency, I fill the time with reading what players were playing with injuries and what surgeries that are having. Hockey is the most awesome sport ever.

With the Cup in California, it leads me to announce the winning of the Playoff Pool.
This years winning is Paige. Not only did Paige have Anaheim beating Ottawa for the Cup, she had Buffalo and San Jose playing in the Conference Finals. If she would have switched Buffalo and SJ, she would have had a perfect top 4. Not only that. After more than a dozen years (like 15 I think), we have not only our first repeat winner, but a back-to-back winner. Well Done.

Second place goes to Longo. Unlike Paige, I actually know Longo. Longo had Ottawa high and Anaheim in the 13 spot kept him in it until the Finals. Ottawa sweeping the Ducks would have given him the win. This kept it competitive until the end. His down fall, as I always tell everyone was the Detroit Red Wings. They Stink. Oh, and Hasek stinks too. HATE THEM!!

Third place goes to the GIMP. Despite the decline to give him points for Handicapped preference, GIMP pulled out a solid third early on and sat comfy. Had Buffalo advanced, however, he had a real shot at the title.

Finally, the Palys Award goes to Grimjack. . .Well, one of the Grimjacks. Getting as high as 18th in the plethora of pools does not help the pitch to enter more than one pool. I had a serious shot at the Palys Award this year thanks the Keith Tkachuk and the Thrashers, but I couldn't even pull that off this year.

Payment will be sent out soon.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I hope to get the count back up for next year. Keep in mind that if you change your email account, let me know.

Have a GREAT SUMMER everyone. Let's look towards Free Agency and GO FLYERS!!


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