Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Teed Off!

This weekend was the 6th Annual Heritage Hills Golf Outing. And, again, a good time was had by all.

Reader’s of Wyatt’s
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  • blog will have read about the event last week and I’m sure will be updated soon. Keep in mind that his reaccouting of events are, at best, a little blurred. That foursome was a mess. . . . but you will have to go to the above link for details. I did manage to get a picture of Wyatt at the bar Sunday night:

    As for Deathlok’s foursome. Having all my friends turnout, I could only sport a threesome. My friend Burnsy and I drove up on Sunday morning. Although we had time for a drink or two with our friend Jim before tee time, we were unable to compare with the two trays of shots that were purchased by a certain soppy group that arrived a little earlier than us. Our fourth member, again, brought his own. Yes, Grimjack brought his foursome with him. I think he was

    It was a beautiful day and the conditions were great. Thus, we golfed like crap. Even with a little Guinness to lubricate the joints. . . .not so good. As the day progressed (if you can call that progress), we began betting drinks for any ball hit into the water. Now we got serious. My wife bought me Breast Cancer Awareness golfballs. . .yes they were pink. So, I took the expected abuse. It was salved by the fact that no matter how bad I hit the ball, we found it. They aren't Flying Lady pink golf balls. They are tasteful Breast Cancer Awareness pink. There's a big difference. The big difference is that I had a Flying Lady and I lost it after the first hit.

    Dinner was a fiasco. They had a 5 items for $5.00 in 5 minutes. So we ordered one of everything that is 5 minutes. It took over an hour. I looked at the terms and conditions about 5 times and no where did it say "or free". They did apolgize and are changing to a Buffet for next year. This will give us more time to drink.
    After dinner, the drink were flowing. A few girls strolled in, so we began taking bets on who in our group was going to get us all thrown out or arrested. I had my money on some guy with a green hat. If there would have been a winner, it would have been me. Nice Tact.

    I got the unofficial word that the tally for the Chocolate cake shots totalled two bottles of Frangelica, but I am skeptical. I believe that I saw Vinnie and my brother Sean drink at least one complete bottle themselves. Burnsy was initiated with a Chocolate cake shot. As with everyone that does their first one, he made the "OH MY GOD! That taste exactly like chocolate cake" face.

    When they started setting up for breakfast, we went to bed. The thought of "Hey! If I don't go to bed now, I'll miss this when there is food here." helps.

    Monday's round of golf was a scrabble for our group. That was fun, fast, and much less strenuous.

    All and all, a great weekend.


    At 12:53 AM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

    The striped rugby shirt was yellow and blue (Michigan colors), but the bumblebee reference was hilarious. Besides, it was better than the shirt you sported at breakfast!!!

    As for the shots? None for you!

    At 8:52 AM, Anonymous linda said...

    Are you sober, yet? Just dropping by to throw a meme at you! Whoo-hoo! Tell 8 things about yourself and pick 8 more victims! Don't be a hater!


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