Monday, August 21, 2006

The Approaching Season

One month from yesterday starts the Flyers preseason. This is the time of year where Deathlok the Organizer goes into full swing.

First up, The FHL! The Fantasy Hockey League. Drafting Night for the FHL is still in the development stages, but is always a great time. The beer will flow and the draft picks will be circumspect. Wyatt will be there, and will Vinnie, and the other "friends" famed in song and blogging on Wyatt's Post History. Grimjack will be there . . .unless he figures just how much he owes from last year. Lord, knows that I would skip town if I owed that. I get the conflicting duty of being the Commissioner and being the GM of Team Pinchy.

After that is finished the second thing is scheduling Man's Weekend (MWE). My (female) boss asked "What's the 'E' stand for?" I said "Man's WeekEnd!" "Yeah, but what's the 'E' stand for?" I said, "that's why woman aren'y invited!" Later, it occurred to me that since a lot of people head down on Thursday night, technically it's Man's Week End"! SO, SHUT UP! BOSS! This weekend is where the guys go down to a secret location and drink and injury themselves playing sports that they should be playing. This year is "BACK TO THE BEACH" football. Yeeaaahhh!!!


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