Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Edmonton Oiler's Next Opponent

It's seems that hockey is not as manly as Wyatt, Grim and I make it out to be. It appears that not only did the Senators lose the battle in the second round, The Oilers are set to lose their battle during the Stanley Cup Finals to the same opponent.

That Opponent is DORA THE EXPLORER!!

Step Off Edmonton!

With a front line of Dora Centering Diego and Boots with Benny the Bull and BackPack shouldering Defense, the Oilers are in trouble. Coach Map is, or course, drawing up plays"

"You go through the Frigid Face-Off Circle, Around the Dual Defensemen, Passed the Greedy Goalie . . .and that how you get to . . .The Stanley Cup. . .Say it with me. . .Face-Off Circle, Defensemen, Goalie. . .Stanley Cup.

I'm REALLY Bored today!


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Dora! Vamanos, muchacha!

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