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Deathlok -
Gordon came to a short time later and Jackie gave him some water. Eventually, he sat up, feeling weak, but better.

Gordon and Winchell traded stories of current events, cautiously at first, feeling each other out. Although they didn’t trust each other 100% when it came to The Company, they both weren’t stupid. With what they had recently been through, they knew the best chance of survival, for both of them, was to take the plunge and give full disclosure to each other. Jackies’s involvement in Winchell’s tale and his vouching for her, was good enough for Gordon. . . .for now.

“The Company has lost it. They are just grabbing people left and right.” Said Gordon. “Do they really think that grabbing a Detective is going to go unanswered?”

WInchell smirked, “Do you think they would have grabbed a Detective if they didn’t have someone on the inside. . . . .high up on the inside. . . .the would cover it up. And by cover it up, I mean cover YOU up.”

“They just about succeeded tonight.” Added Jackie. “I’ve been thinking. . . .”

“That’s always good . . . .blurted Winchell without thinking.

“Shut up! I’ve been thinking . . . if they took Gordon into their “hospital” or lab or whatever. . .instead of just killing him and disposing of his body. . . .”

“Hey, I’m right here!!” chimed Gordon.

“. . . .what are chances that they did the same with Mikal. Maybe he is inside the Company right now.”

Winchell lowered his head. “It’s seems unlikely. . .Gordon, did you see anyone else in there?”

“No, although I was pretty drugged up. No, there wasn’t anyone else around me. It’s a good theory but doubtful. I’m sorry!”

“We have to get in there and look around. We’re really no safer here than we are if we tried to get back in.” The look of a resigned woman showed on Jackie’s face.

“Alright, we’ll try it.” Winchell just wanted this done.

“Let me rest up and I’ll go with you guys” Gordon didn’t want anyone taking down these guys but him. Not after what they did to him.

Winchell wasn’t buying that at all. ‘Not in the shape I was way back Gordon. I don’t think that I could carry you, the next time you drop.”

“You were never in good shape.”


“It’s almost morning”, Winchell took a deep breath. “You get some rest. Jackie and I will try to come up with a plan. Maybe your years in Undercover can be of some use. But, get some rest and we’ll talk later. Actually, we should all get some sleep.”

Gordon laid down and was out in seconds.

“Jackie, you know the place is impossible to sneak into, right?”

“Yeah, but they don’t know we are with Gordon. They think that we are on vacation. Even if they do see us . . . so what! We aren’t on vacation . . .So! We do still work there. Right now, the only three people we can trust are us.”

Supervisor X sat in his office. “Are they coming here as requested? The woman and those two psychopaths?”

“Yes Sir! Amalee and the other two will all be here shortly. Should I bring them up here when they arrive?”

“To my office? Good God, man no!” You’re lucky that I don’t kill you for knowing where my office is. Have them wait in the third floor meeting room. Notify me when they are all here.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“And. . . .


“Don’t forget to have All of there weapons removed this time.”

“Yes, Sir! Sorry , Sir!”

“Oh, and one more thing. . . .” Supervisor X let the thought trail away. “Once they are out with their assignments, give them 12 hours. If they have not completed their tasks and reported back in. . . . . . .activate prototype WRKRB-E10. Let’s put an end to this, shall we?”



At 11:49 AM, Blogger momster said...

Excellent chapter! I like where this is going.

At 9:56 PM, Blogger RT said...

Happy Father's Day!

At 9:01 AM, Blogger Deathlok said...

Thanks!! We went to see the HULK. Good Movie.

At 9:08 PM, Blogger RT said...

I'll have to go see it. I was wondering how it would be. I like Edward Norton.

At 12:22 AM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

Who's next for penning some material??? Someone step up to the plate!

At 9:14 PM, Blogger RT said...

I'm too stressed out to think right now. Sorry. Grades, trip, know the deal.

At 9:14 PM, Blogger RT said...

Maybe Tuesday after I get to Nashville.

At 11:30 PM, Blogger Captain America said...

Colonel Hart opened the file on his desk. The face of Mikhail Rosakof stared out at him blankly. As a Colonel he had one overriding become a General. To this point his stewardship of his latest assignment had been flawless. His anticipated success along with endorsements from the Company should easily open the door into that very exclusive club.

But it was time to take stock of his current position. Unfortunately Mr. Rosakoff had let his curiosity get the better of himself. It proved to be his undoing. Just dumb luck the Resistance got to him first. It was a big gamble absorbing him into the WRK project, but sooner or later there had to be human trials.

As the project manager Col. Hart couldn't risk details of this project getting out. If the resistance found out how much progress they had made, or if they suspected the real goals they could finally forge a coalition to bring down the Government. After the destruction of the last rebellion their society couldn't afford another period of internal conflict. Col Hart couldn't afford that.

As he turned the page the picture of the police detective stood out. His involvement had complicated things. Jack and Jim had botched the operation as far as he was concerned. They would soon find out the price for failure. He needed to tie up some loose ends. "Secure line please" he said out loud.

Supervisor X finished the conversation by saying "Close line" out loud to no one in particular.

Jack stood up and motioned to Jim as the subway train came to a halt. "There's been a change in assignments". "What the fu*k is going on?" Jim demanded. "We're to go back to Rosakoff's apartment and ready it for another tasking, X's orders".

Amalee strolled into Supervisor X's office and sat on the couch as if she hadn't a care in the world. In reality this guy made her nervous. Not him personally, but the goons he controlled. "I'm glad to see you again" he began.
"Well it's been a while" she said taking stock of his body language. As usual he gave little away.
"We know you have been moonlighting for the Resistance" Supervisor X said.
Amalee was stunned. Why was he bringing this up now?
"What makes you say that?" was all she could muster.
"Sweet Amalee your handiwork is all too familiar to those of us in the know".
Supervisor X was going somewhere but Amalee didn't know where. But she was sure at this point that wherever he was going he needed her. At least for a while.
"What I do under contract is my own business". "What is it that I can help you with?" "You didn't bring me all the way up here to stare at my tits...or did you?" she said as she leaned forward momentarily throwing the Supervisor off his game.
"No indeed", he said flush faced.

Jack and Jim had finally arrived at the huge apartment block. They merged into the early evening crowd and headed toward one of the lesser used elevators. Stepping inside Jim was still grumbling. "This is just shit". "We shouldn't be here" As the dimly lit elevator hit floor seven the familiar ding filled the car. The doors groaned open and a tall stunning, blond was at the door. Both men were momentarily motionless as their biology overrode their instinct. It was all the time Amalee needed. Almost fluidly she produced a high powered pistol and shot Jim in the face. Jack was so stunned he instinctively turned and watched Jim fall to the floor. Reflexively he tried to pull his own pistol but it was already too late. A bullet crashed through the side of his skull killing him instantly. Two more shots rang out in quick succession as the elevator doors closed. The noise from the four second encounter rarely registered in the building. Amalee dropped the pistol as the elevator doors closed and took the dead men to the tenth floor.

At 11:58 AM, Blogger momster said...

Oh my that was good. I can't wait to see what happens next.


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